23 Oct

TtD Update 10-23-2014

Troll the Dice

Troll the Dice



5e Basic Campaign:
The Basic adventures of 5th edition D&D continues this week with the latest podcast release from Troll the Dice.

We’re playing the adventure from the new D&D Basic Set and so far we’ve poorly escorted a wagon full of supplies into a Goblin trap. Then, while we were out looking for friends of ours who may have been taken prisoner, the rogue in our party took off with the wagon full of supplies and hasn’t been seen from again.

Meanwhile, we found a Goblin lair and began investigating. We found some wolves chained up at the entrance to the lair, but nothing else of interest.

In this current episode we move a little deeper into the Goblin lair and run into a little bit of trouble.

We’re using the pre-generated characters from the box set, but we’ve given them new names and, of course, a heavy dose of Trolling.

(Bryter) Dungeon Master. Master of dungeons.
(Hightower) Chazaster “Chas”Anariatel. Wizard and acolyte of Augma who is on a mission.
(Kormus) Peter Gryppe. The Human Archer who is out to prove his worth as a hero.
(Shag) James A.Q. Kingston. A Human nobleman fighter who is trying to reclaim his family lands & titles.
(Will) Cricket. The Halfling Rogue who needs money.
(Zebu) Thorradin “Sarge” Blackrock. A Dwarf Cleric/Sergeant in a mercenary company, on leave for personal reasons.

27 Sep

TtD Update – 09-26-2014

Troll the Dice

Troll the Dice



3.5e Carnival Campaign:
Like any good D&D campaign, our Troll The Dice 3.5 “Carnival” campaign has been abandoned and will most likely never be finished. That’s ok. If you’ve played D&D for any length of time you get used to never finishing a campaign.

We have at least one more session recorded, but I’m not sure if it’s ever going to be released. Tweet @trollthedice if you can’t live without these last 3.5 Carnival Campaign sessions.

When last we left the Carnival Crew they were “planning” to rob a noblewoman with a bad reputation. We may never know how it turns out, but let’s just say there were many things that could have gone wrong.

So, say goodbye to D&D 3.5 and hello to 5th Edition.

Goodbye Carnival Crew. Your mayhem will be missed.
Red Hammertoe.
Sterling Bandini.
Roscoe Toscobble.