Sectorum 12 (part 1) – Kill Team Campaign

Astra Militarum 8th Support Company

Planet Vigilus, Hive City Eden

Nurse Kratchet, Sergeant Medicae of 8th Support Company, has been monitoring strange biological anomalies in the local air and water for weeks now. 

She’s long-since ordered the platoons under her care to avoid local food and drink and keep a fair distance from sectorum 12 unless using re-breathers and chem suits. 

The Sergeant Medicae sent her findings up to Company command three days ago, so she wasn’t surprised when a response finally came. What she was surprised at, however, was that the response came in the form of an elite Kill Team of Tempestus Scions.

8th Support Company was one of many Imperial forces brought in to reinforce the planet of Vigilus. They arrived at Hive Eden six weeks ago, after a 2 month journey through the Nachmund Gauntlet, and noticed oddities in the local environment right away. Strange sights, sounds, and smells wafted from nearby ruined sectors of the Hive City block, particularly at night. 

Patrols reported the sensation of being watched, even while the streets were mostly empty. Routine environmental scans picked up biological anomalies along every patrol route, and follow-up vector analysis determined the most likely source. Sectorum 12.

When the Scions of Drop Force Imperator arrived at the platoon CP, Sergeant Medicae Kratchet was more than happy to lead the way. Seeing that the Scions had brought their own Medic, she eagerly grabbed her trusty bolt pistol and chainsword and joined the elite stormtroopers on a sweep and clear mission to rid the offending Hive Sectorum of whatever foulness is polluting it.