Consulting Detective Podcast


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-August 2015

The Consulting Detective Podcast is hosted by Zebu Nation and features a rotating cast of players from other podcasts around the net. This podcast features custom rules, written by Zebu Nation, to create a role-play experience for the Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective mystery game published by Ystari games.

Podcast EP. 1 Munitions Magnate Day 1

Podcast EP. 2 Munitions Magnate Day 2

Coming September 7 2015 

Podcast EP. 3 Munitions Magnate Day 3

Coming September 21 2015

Podcast EP. 4 Munitions Magnate Finale

Coming October 5 2015

This podcast is not affiliated with Ystari Games, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, or any rights-holder of any product related to any Sherlock Holmes intellectual property.
The content of this podcast, excluding the content read directly from the Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective gamebook, is copyright of, 2015.