22 Sep

C.C. Show Notes Ep. 3


For the week of September 1st 2014.




· This Week’s Comic News:

Action Comics #1:
Here’s a comic book story that’s gotten lots of attention from mainstream media outlets, such as, the LA Times. TheGuardian, the Washington Post, and many others.

-Last weekend (Sunday Aug 24th) Action Comics #1 sold for a $3.2 million on eBay.
-Breaking the previous mark of $2.1m when a different copy of the same book sold in 2011
-Sold by Darren Adams from Washington State who owns and online comic retail shop.
-Sold to ComicConnect.com an online auction house.
-Graded 9.0 (Excellent Quality) Said to be the finest quality Action Comics #1 ever sold.
-Originally acquired it from the estate of a man from Virginia who kept it in his attic since 1939.
-First appearance of Superman.
-Sold for 10 cents in 1939
-(TheGuardian.com) As part of a deal between Adams and eBay, 1% of the sale will be donated to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation for spinal-cord injury and paralysis research.

Comic Book Movie News:
-(Hawkeye) During an interview with Collider correspondent Shiela Roberts, Jeremy Renner got to talking about his incredibly busy schedule. In the midst of listing off his upcoming projects, Renner revealed that he may or may not have a role in the third Captain America film.

“There are rumblings of Captain America 3. I don’t know what’s going to happen there. I’ve got to find the time, man (laughs). I’m trying to stay home and I can’t.”

Read more at Collider.com

-(Marvel) In an interview with IGN, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige teased the possibilities of both a Black Panther and a Captain Marvel film.

Saying, “They’re both characters that… development work has been done on and is continuing to be done on.”

He went on to say those are the top 2 characters he gets asked about by the public. More than Iron Man and more than the Avengers . However, he also hinted that, while this kind of substantial response from the public is hard to ignore, they do have a plan for the Marvel universe that’s worked so far partly because they haven’t deviated from it based on other people’s opinions.

 · Comics Worth Reading: This Week

I’m going to talk about a comic that wasn’t on my pull list this week, but was recommended on the Clems Facebook page.

Wayward #1 (Image)
Story By: Jim Zub (SKULLKICKERS, Samurai Jack)
Art By: Steve Cummings (Legends of the Dark Knight, Deadshot)
Art By: John Rauch (INVINCIBLE)
The blurb on the Image website describes it as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Hellboy in Japan, which is actually something I would pay to read!

Anyway, this story is about a teenage girl named Rori Lane who leaves her home in Ireland to reunite with her mother in Japan. However, as soon as she lands in Japan strange things start happening and she gets swept up into weird supernatural mysteries involving ancient lizard men, cats, and a warrior-girl who loves strawberry milk.

So, it’s weird and fun for a first issue. It looks like they’re going to explore Japanese culture, Tokyo and maybe urban legends that are specific to Japan. The art is nice and colorful. I liked it.

The Punisher (Black & White) TP (Marvel)
Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Artist: Mitchell Gerads
I’ve been out of touch with The Punisher for a long time so I decided to pick this up on a whim just to see what’s up.

-This trade collects “The Punisher” ongoing series #1-6 (of 11)

Basically, Punisher has left New York, realizing that there are other places in the country that need his particular form of heroism more than NYC.

The book explains it as: “There are criminals who are too small for superheroes to bother with, but too dangerous for police to handle. That’s where The Punisher comes in”

So Frank Castle (Punisher) has followed a lead on a major source of illegal drugs and weapons to Los Angeles, where he discovers a powerful drug cartel is planning on taking over the city.

I like this more realistic take on The Punisher and the fact that he’s addressing a somewhat topical issue, in terms of drug cartels south of the border coming into the southwestern US. I also like the logic of this book, in that it recognizes that the Punisher is mentally disturbed and is killing people, but it shows that he does have some method to his madness and that he’s ultimately killing bad guys to protect police and regular people.

· Topic of the Week: Come prepared to discuss how you manage your pull list

I’m kind of methodical in how I put my pull list together, but I always end up buying stuff that’s not on my pull list anyway so maybe it’s not worth all the effort.

Anyway, I typically use two websites when putting together my pull list, Comixology & Nothing But Comics.

-My Clems pull list is managed through pulllist.comixology.com, which is basically the Comixology website before it went to mostly digital comics.
-I usually go on there a month in advance and scan through all the publishers to add the books I know I’ll want to pick up.
-The a week before each release date I check various websites to see if there’s anything new and interesting.
-I like Nothing But Comics because it has an extensive pull list of suggested titles that’s broken down by publisher, which fits into how I actually manage my pull list at Clems.
-So after that, I go back into my comixology pullist, search through every publisher for a second time and add any new books that catch my eye.
-Sometimes after all that I still only end up with 1 or 2 books on my list for a particular week.
-Others: The Mary Sue Pull It Together.

 · Comics Worth Reading: Next Week

Death of Wolverine #1, Marvel
Writer: Remender, Rick
Artist: Scalera, Matteo
Cover Artist: Scalera, Matteo

I mean, It’s the Death of Wolverine. I know nothing about it except the title. I know it’s a thing but I’m not going to research it and I’ll save any judgement until I read it.

The Squidder #3, IDW
Writer/Artist: Ben Templesmith (FELL & 30 Days of Night)

It’s about a post-apocalyptic world that’s ruled by giant cthulu-like alien squid monsters who have forced the remaining people to worship them like gods. The main character is a super-soldier left from the terrible “squid war” that happened 70 years ago and now he’s roaming what’s left of the world as a mercenary and bounty hunter.

I don’t want to spoil the story, but he’s got a real grudge against the squids and pretty much wishes he was dead because he doesn’t see any way to kill the squids or get them to leave the planet. That is, until he discovers a human priestess of the squid religion who’s willing to betray her gods and show The Squidder how to kill them once and for all.

That’s where Issue #3 picks up.

– Very unique art style.
– Best known for co-creating Fell with Warren Ellis and 30 Days of Night with Steve Niles.
– Via Clems Facebook: Launching in November: “Gotham by Midnight” with Ray Fawkes & Ben Templesmith. A horror series set in the DCU, starring the Gotham cops.

 · Panelist Goodbye:
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