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C.C. Show Notes Ep. 2


For the week of August 25th 2014.




• News/ Show & Tell

Spider Woman’s butt:
On Monday August 18th, Comic Book Resources posted exclusive November solicits from Marvel Comics, which included a variant cover of Spider-Woman #1 by artist Milo Manara. Cover is reminiscent of art from his own italian erotic comic book called Click!.

SPIDER-WOMAN #1 (Ships in November)
Variant Cover by MILO MANARA
Blank variant ALSO AVAILABLE

A spider-verse adventure starring Jessica Drew as Spider-Woman and the newest spider-hero, SILK!

New Ongoing Series/Spider-Verse Tie-In! Jessica Drew in the Spider-Verse! A war is brewing, and every spider-character in the multiverse is a target! But being a target is something Jessica Drew just won’t abide. She’s a woman with a mission and with Silk, the newest spider-character on the block at her side, she’ll have to put all her training to the test if she wants to make it out of Spider-Verse alive!

Kong: King of Skull Island:
It’s a bit late for Comic-Con news, but I was interested in the news that Legendary Pictures has officially announced it’s working on a movie titled “Skull Island”, to be released on November 4, 2016.

Press Release from Legendary:
Today … Legendary also revealed it will be making a feature film based on the famed Skull Island … Previous works have touched on the island, but staying and exploring this mysterious and dangerous place offers Legendary the opportunity to take audiences deeper inside this rich world with a style and scope that parallels other Legendary productions. The film will be released on November 4, 2016.

They also showed a brief teaser trailer at comic con which showed the iconic skull shaped mountain that sits atop Skull Island.

I bring this up because I think I have some insight into the plot of the new film.

King Kong was directed and produced by a man named Merian C. Cooper. His estate still owns the book publishing rights to King Kong, and in 2005 they published an illustrated book through Darkhorse Publishing called “Kong: King of Skull Island.” Which I happen to own a copy of.


This book tells the history of Skull island from well before the movie.

The last time we saw King Kong was in the 2005 movie King Kong, which was directed by Peter Jackson.



 • Comics Worth Reading: Last Week

I’m a sucker for #1 issues, so I’m going to talk about a pair of first issues from DC that came out on Wednesday. Sensation Comics #1 & Multiversity #1

First is Sensation Comics #1 Featuring Wonder Woman. Written by Gail Simone with art by Ethan Van Sciver.

This is a digital first comic, meaning it’s released online before the physical copy is available in stores. DC isn’t making a big deal about this business model, but it makes sense to me that a lot of comics will be made available this way. As for the comic itself, there are two simple and fun Wonder Woman stories, including one that has her replacing Batman for a while in Gotham City. It’s a fun book with a lot of unabashed girl power sentiments in it. My one complaint is that the art isn’t real strong, but it’s good enough.

-Digital First business model
-Felt like old school comic. Plots were simple, writing condensed, stand-alone stories.
-Wonder Woman replaces Batman in Gotham story could have been a 4 issue arc, instead 20 pages.
-Felt like a conscious effort by Gail Simone to create a silver age comic.
-Unabashedly girl-power.

-Average art.

Multiversity #1
written by Grant Morrison is part of a limited (8 or 9) issue series exploring DC’s  new 52 multiverse. (The multiverse in DC comics is a collection of 52 different earths, all existing in parallel universes.) I like to call this book “Grant Morrison Unleashed” because someone at DC must have told him to do whatever he wants with this book. It starts with a haunted comic book that shows the reader exactly what the next few minutes of their life will be, and if you read it until the end you get cursed. Then it suggests that the comic you’re reading in real life is actually the cursed comic and you shouldn’t read to the end. It’s the kind of thing that only Grant Morrison would think to do in a DC comic.

 • Comics Worth Reading: Next Week

Black Science #8 (MR), Image
Writer: Remender, Rick
Artist: Scalera, Matteo
Cover Artist: Scalera, Matteo

Trapped in a fantastical dimension, the Anarchist League of Scientists discover a race of bizarre creatures that hold the mysteries of the Eververse.

The series is about a machine called The Spire that shifts people through dimensions. The first trade paperback is out, and it covers the first 6 issues in what is essentially an origin story for The Spire and it’s creator. Issue #7 starts a new arc and is still available for people to jump on board before grabbing #8.

I read the first trade paperback and it was fun and strange science fiction that reminded me of a cross between Lost in Space and The Venture Brothers. #7 started the new arc.

Batman/Superman #13, DC Comics
Writer: Greg Pak (World War Hulk & Incredible Hercules)
Artist: Jae Lee (Before Watchmen)

I’m recommending this book mostly for the creative team, and because this is a great book to pick up if you don’t follow any of the DC new 52, because it’s basically has nothing to do with any continuity.

DC fans might not know Grek Pak, but he’s a very good writer who does humor really well. And Jae Lee has some of the most beautiful art in comics.

A new arc begins following the events of ‘FIRST CONTACT.’ The worlds of Batman and Superman come to an explosive clash as something terrible happens to the World’s Finest team, and a Dark Knight who is not quite himself must team up with Lois Lane to find a missing Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle encounters a person of amazing strength who has no idea who he is.