25 Jul

Episode 1: Munitions Magnate (Day 1)

Day 1: The game’s afoot!

In this episode we meet our investigators from the Comics.Community podcast (Alec, Randy, and Phil) as they introduce their characters and learn the details of their case from none other than the great Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Our players will role-play as minor characters from the wider Sherlock Holmes mythos who are brought together as members of the Baker Street Irregulars to aid Sherlock in solving mysteries. (Please excuse the audio issues in this first episode.)

Sir Jasper Meeks -Forensic Pathologist (Randy)
Henry Ellis -Journalist (Phil)
Mycroft Holmes -Political Insider (Alec)

Detective Wiggins -Lead Investigator (Rotating)
H.R. Murray -Criminologist (Ally)
Nelly Lomax -Researcher (Ally)
Inspector Lestrade -Scotland Yard (Contact)
Edward Hall -Lawyer (Contact)

Scotland Yard (13SW)
Somerset House (17WC)
The Old Bailey (36EC)

Case Log: (Day 1)

The players meet with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson at 221 B, Baker Street

Alec is given control of Wiggins on day 1 and therefore takes command of the investigation by visiting Scotland Yard to speak with the patrolman who was first at the scene of the crime. Phil decides Henry Ellis should join Wiggins at Scotland Yard so that he can put his interviewing skills to work.

Meanwhile, Randy sends H.R. Murray to visit Somerset House to look for documents important to the case.

Finally, Alec sends Mycroft Holmes to visit Edward Hall, a lawyer at the Old Bailey’s Tribunal to search for information on any trials or legal proceedings that involve this case.

At the end of day one the investigators don’t feel any closer to solving the crime but they are enthusiastic about the prospects of day 2, which includes a visit to the scene of the crime.