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Comics.Community Previews Show Notes Ep. 20


For the week of March 9th 2015.


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· Previews World Catalog for May 2015:


PREVIEWSworld.com is a service of Diamond Comic Distributors, the same people who publish the monthly PREVIEWS catalog that is used by over 90,000 consumers and retailers to order their comics and related merchandise.

I went through the Previews World catalog for May section by section and picked out some of the upcoming books that interested me.

Advertisement Section (pg.2-pg10)
•Swords of Sorrow (Dynamite) Advertisement & pg 325
Gail Simone Sergio Davila

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the Previews catalog was this crossover event featuring “Dynamite’s fiercest females.” Sonja, Deja Thoris, Vampirella, Jungle Girl and “many, many more.”

I think if you’re a fan of cheesecake art and women with questionably drawn anatomy, then this will be the event for you.

Splash Page (pg.15-pg.19)
•Injection (Image) Splashpage & pg 194
Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey (Moon Knight)

The team that reimagined Moon Knight brings a new Sci-Fi series to Image Comics.

•Dirk Gently (IDW) Splashpage & pg 161
Douglas Adams

The man who create Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy presents Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

•Batgirl “Selfie” T-Shirt (Graphitti Designs) Splashpage & pg 453
Image from the Iconic cover of Batgirl #35

Toychest (pg.20-pg.23)
I’m not really into toys and collectables but these two items did catch my eye.

•Batwoman “Bombshell” statue. pg 154

•Hulk vs HulkBuster statue pg 498

Free Comic Book Day (pg.27-pg.37)

FBCD May 2nd 2015

Premiere Comics Previews (pg.38-pg.426)
I’m not really into toys and collectables but these two items did catch my eye.

•Adventures of Dr. McNinja Vol3: King Radical! (Darkhorse) pg 52
Christopher Hastings

This caught my eye because it’s a webcomic being published in Trade Paperback form, and so i wanted to use it as an excuse to talk about webcomics, but also because I immediately thought about our friend Raphael when I saw this book. Doctor, also a Ninja. Cure for everything is punching or stabbing. If you like God Hates Astronauts, you’ll probably like this. Also, the guy who does this is now writing the Adventure Time comic for Boom!

•Predator: Fire and Stone TP (Darkhorse) pg 61
Joshua Williams

I’m mentioning this because I want to point out that they are releasing the TP of Fire and Stone in the correct order, so you can feel free to pick them up as they come out if you don’t want to wait for the Omnibus. Premetheus (April), Aliens (May), AVP (June), Predator (July).

•Frank Frezetta “Death Dealer” Snow Globe (Darkhorse) pg 79
I mean, c’mon.

•Convergence (DC Comics) pg 83
Jeff King

Convergence Issues 5-8 coming out in May.

Also, the #2 issues for all of their other Convergence Titles.

Also, Trade Paperbacks:
•Gotham Academy Vol 1 (June) pg 131
•Swamp Thing Vol 6 (June) pg 133

•Mad max: Fury Road #1 (Vertigo) pg 139
George Miller, Nico Lathouris

Movie tie in.

•The Kitchen #7 (Vertigo) pg 145
Ollie Masters, Ming Doyle

May 20th. Another shout out to Raphael.

•Jem & the Holograms #3 (IDW) pg 168
Kelly Thompson, Ross Campbell

I’m going to get #1, just to see what they do with it. There’s also a movie coming out.

•TMNT/Ghostbuster: Director’s Cut. (IDW) pg 183
Erik Burnham, Tom Waltz

For TMNT & Ghostbuster fans. 48 pages of behind the scenes testimony and hidden easter eggs from the 2014 crossover event.

•TMNT: Mutanimals #4 of 4 (IDW) pg 185
Paul Allor, Andy Kuhn

End of the Mutanimals saga that Darrol told us about on the last podcast.

•80’s TV nostalgia. (IDW) pg 189

•Miami Vice: Remix #3

•Knight Rider Vol 1 TP

•Womanthology: Heroic (IDW) pg 190

Anthology of comics created by over 150 women.

•Mythic #1 (Image) pg 198
Phil Hester, John McCrea

The sneak preview pages they included with this got me very interested.

•Rocket Girl #6 (Image) pg 222
Brandon Montclare, Amy Reeder

Picking up where the Rocket Girl Vol 1 TP left off.

•Jupiter’s Circle #2 (Image) pg 235
Mark Millar, Wilfredo Torres

May 6th.
I’ve been anticipating this comic for a while, even though I know nothing about it, basically because of the gorgeous cover art by Frank Quietly.

•Manhattan Projects: The Sun Beyond the Stars #3 (Image) pg 236
Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitarra

May 27th. New Spinoff series? I had no idea this was coming out.

•Bounty Hunter T-Shirt (Image) pg 263

Shout out to this t-shirt for having the guts to rip off star Wars, the NBA, and everyone else who’s done one of these “league” shirts.

•Providence #1 (Avatar Press) pg 276
Alan Moore, Jacen Burrows

Alan Moore + HP Lovecraft = a must read. Here’s the quote that sold me.
“(Alan) Moore deconstructs all of Lovecraft’s concepts, reinventing the entirety of his work inside a painstakingly researched framework of American history.”

Providence is both a sequel and a prequel to previous comic Neonomicon, which is being reprinted. Or, you can but a special collection of all of Alan Moore’s Lovecraft related tales in the Path to Providence box set for 150$.

•Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches HC (Boom!) pg 305
S.M/ Vidaurri, et al

The art in this books just screams for a quality hardcover printing. Hopefully BOOM! will deliver that quality at the 25$ price point.

Marvel Previews

Looking at all these previews for Last Days, Secret Wars, and Battle World makes me feel a little overwhelmed.

That said, there are a few that do look interesting.

•Secret Wars: Battle World #1 (of 4)
The cover depicting an all MODOK Marvel Universe is pretty hilarious. Also, the mini-series aspect makes me more likely to pick it up.

•Secret Wars: Journal #1 (of 5)

Interesting mashup of Lady Hawkeye from 1602 along with possible XMEN vs Moon Knight/Khonshu battle is just wild enough to be interesting.

•Secret Wars: Infinity Gauntlet #1
Gerry Duggan, Dustin Weaver

Does Secret Wars affect the entire galaxy, or is it just on Earth?

•Secret Wars: Warzones: Old Man Logan #1
Brian Michael Bendis, Andrea Sorrentino

No art by Steve Mcniven other than covers is a bummer. The world of Old Man Logan is very interesting, but I feel like I’ve read all the story there that I need to. Issue one needs to be great in order for me to pick up any more.

•Secret Wars: Warzones: Planet Hulk#1
Sam Humphries, Marc Laming

Gladiator Steve Rogers vs a world of feral Hulks sounds like a lot of fun.

•All the Star Wars Comics #5

I wasn’t too keen on Princess Leia #1, but I’ll keep picking them all up.
•Thor #8
Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman

Looks like the secret will be revealed in issue #8.

•Agent Carter Season 1 Declassified HC, pg 103
200pgs $50 June 2015

Behind the scenes photos and interviews from the TV show. Looks like a good collectable for fans of the show.

•Ant-Man vol1 TPB
June 2015

I liked the first issue, this was one on my list to grab the TPB.

•Ms Marvel vol3 TPB
June 2015

This is one I’ll continue to pick up in TPB.