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C.C. Show Notes Ep. 18


For the week of February 16th 2015.


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· This Week’s Comic News:

This Week’s Comic News: come prepared with one or two recent news items that catch your eye for the group to discuss.

Flash & Walking Dead crossover?:
(EW.com 02/09/2015)

According to EW, Emily Kinney, the actress who played Beth on The Walking Dead will be appearing as a guest star on Flash.

Kinney will portray a hacker named Brie Larvan and the episode will also feature guest appearances by Dr. Ray Palmer (AKA The Atom) played by Brandon Routh and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) from Arrow.

Agents of SHIELD cast news: 
(comicbookmovie.com 02/12/2015)

Emmy-winning actress Drea de Matte, and The Sopranos star will be playing Karla Faye Gideon, a Gifted woman with a grudge to bear against S.H.I.E.L.D. who joins forces with Skye’s father, Cal. The comic book version of the character played a very minor role in Daredevil: Redemption, but had no powers.

(latimes.com 02/06/2015)
Earth’s mightiest heroines are assembling in a new Marvel comic series featuring an all-female Avengers team.


“A-Force,” which launches in May, is to be co-written by G. Willow Wilson (the scribe behind the extremely popular “Ms. Marvel” series) and Marguerite K. Bennett (“Angela: Asgard’s Assassin”) with artwork by Jorge Molina (“X-Men”). The series marks the first time an all-women team has taken on the Avengers name and features power players from across the Marvel universe, including She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, Storm, Captain Marvel and many other fan favorites.

“A-Force” arrives in the throes of Marvel’s “Secret Wars” event, which will abolish the traditional Avengers team, according to Marvel’s press statement.

“Beginning in Marvel’s ‘Secret Wars,’ the Avengers are no more … a brand new team will lead the way,” the statement reads. “There came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, A-Force was born—to fight the foes no single superhero could withstand.”

Though A-Force is the first all-women Avengers team, Marvel has featured other all-female teams, including the recent all-women X-Men.

Planet Hulk:
(comicbookresources.com 02/12/2015)
This May, writer Sam Humphries and artist Marc Laming introduce readers to “Planet Hulk” a “Secret Wars” series falling under the “Warzones!” banner that sends a gladiator named Steve Rogers and his faithful companion Devil Dinosaur into one of the most dangerous of the Battleworld dominions, a forbidden zone full of rampaging Hulks.


This unlikely duo will be fighting alongside a hulk of their own while trying to save Bucky from the clutches of someone called The Red King.

Comics Worth Reading:

-The Leaning Girl (Alaxis Press)
Writer: Benoit Peeters (Novelist)
Artist: François Schuiten (Heavy Metal)

THE LEANING GIRL (ISBN 978-1-62847-227-1) is now available in English for the first time ever. Translated by Alaxis Press publisher, Stephen D. Smith, the adventures of one of The Obscure Cities’ most prominent characters, Mary Von Rathen, will delight English-reading audiences everywhere.

After a freak accident on the Star Express roller coaster, 13 year-old Mary Von Rathen begins to lean. Doctors can not help her, so she is sent by her selfish mother and hen-pecked father to a private school in Sodrovni. Mary escapes and joins the Robertson Circus where she remains for several years, until she hears from newspaper editor, Stanislas Sainclair, that a scientist, Axel Wappendorf, might be able to help her. Wappendorf is working on a rocket to reach a planet that could hold the secret to Mary’s trouble. Meanwhile an artist, Augustin Desombres, has run away from the busy world and buys an empty building on the High Plains of Aubrac in the French countryside. He begins painting murals of strange globes. Now as a young woman, Mary decides to join Wappendorf in the rocket. On the alien planet, they discover an area with many globes where she has a chance meeting with the artist.

Winner of the coveted Gaiman Award as the No. 1 translated foreign comic book series published in Japan in 2013, this story of perseverance and a young girl s search for love has been translated from it’s original French into ten languages. Author and publisher Stephen D. Smith has now translated The Leaning Girl into English. It features an introduction by Karen Green, Graphic Novel Librarian at Columbia University.

The hefty book measures 9.25″ x 11.625″ and .75″ thick. Printed on beautiful art papers and cased in a softcover binding with reinforced flaps, the quality of the book itself is only outweighed by the material inside.

Beginning in the spring of 2014, Alaxis Press will publish the internationally acclaimed graphic album series, Les Cités Obscures, in English, as THE OBSCURE CITIES. As a longtime fan of the series, publisher Stephen Smith is personally translating the first release, The Leaning Girl. This title will be released in March 2014. Alaxis Press is committed to completing the series in English beginning with the titles not already published by NBM publishers, which released The Great Walls of Samaris (1987), Fever in Urbicande (1990), The Tower (1993), Brüsel (1993) and The Invisible Frontier (2002-2004) under the series name, Stories of the Fantastic. Alaxis Press is also committed to sharing many of the rare Obscure Cities volumes, from the very rare pamphlet Correspondences of Mary Von Rathen to the book/DVD title, The Desombres Affair.

-The Dying & the Dead #1 (Image)
Writer: Hickman, Jonathan
Artist: Bodenheim, Ryan
Cover Artist: Bodenheim, Ryan
‘TODAY, TOMORROW, THE GRAVE’ A murder at a wedding reveals a fifty year-old secret. At great cost, a man with a dying wife is given the opportunity to save her. A lost tribe is reborn in another time. Seemingly disparate events that force relics from the Greatest Generation to come together for one last hurrah. Brought to you by award-winning writer JONATHAN HICKMAN and fan-favorite artist RYAN BODENHEIM, THE DYING AND THE DEAD is high adventure meets end-of-life care. It’s Indiana Jones for Old People. There are no fedoras, only bedpans.

Cluster #1 (BOOM!)
Writer: Brisson, Ed
Artist: Couceiro, Damian
Cover Artist: Stokoe, James
WHY WE LOVE IT: Ed Brisson (Sheltered) is one of comics’ best new voices and we could not wait to work with him on an original series following his run on Sons of Anarchy. After hearing his pitch for a gritty, violent, sci-fi epic in the vein of The Dirty Dozen, we knew there was no one better to bring the criminal cast of characters to life than the other half of the Sons of Anarchy team and Ed’s Murder Book collaborator, Damian Couceiro. WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: Cluster is a series for fans of old-school, hard-boiled action. Brisson and Couceiro know how to tell stories about rich characters with criminal backgrounds, and the off-world setting allows them to tell personal stories with a massive scope. Have you ever wondered what a book starring all those lowlifes in the gutters of sci-fi havens like Mos Eisley would look like? Then we have the book for you. WHAT IT’S ABOUT: In the distant future, as mankind discovers life on other planets, it needs soldiers to defend its colonies and outposts across the stars. In order to increase the number of boots on the ground, criminals are offered the opportunity to serve in the place of incarceration. But as wars wage on and more soldiers are needed, small-time crimes are given long-term punishments. When a group of prisoners serving their time as soldiers become stranded and abandoned on a war-torn planet, they’ll need to work together to survive and uncover the truth behind Earth’s role in deep space.

Topic of the Week:

To Mask or Not To Mask – Secret identities, Yea or Nay? Your Mission – come with your favorite Case-Scenarios/Examples FOR and AGAINST a superhero keeping their real-world identity a secret.

favorite Case-Scenarios/Examples FOR and AGAINST:
1. Against: Iron Man, Cap. If the character has no friends or family and is in a world where vigilantism is tolerated.

2. For: Batman, Invincible, Spider-man. If the character has loved ones or is being hunted by enemies or the authorities.

This Week’s Month’s Highlights:

Where we each callout the 1 or 2 books we’re most looking forward to. Also –any key #1’s or good jumping on points?

-All-New Captain America: Fear Him #3 & 4 (Marvel)
Writer: Hopeless, Dennis
Artist: Kudranski, Szymon
Cover Artist: Bianchi, Simone
* Cap and Nomad reunited!
* Except, of course, when one of them is having a violent psychotic episode.

-Batgirl #39 (DC)
Writer: Stewart, Cameron
Artist: Tarr, Babs
Cover Artist: Stewart, Cameron
For months, Batgirl’s been hounded by an unseen threat claiming to be the ‘real’ Batgirl

-Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #3 of 5 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Tipton, Scott
Artist: Stott, Rachael
Cover Artist: Stott, Rachael
It’s the battle for the ages! Taylor has escaped the Planet of the Apes, and Captain Kirk must bring him back! Plus, the Klingon/Gorilla alliance makes its move against Dr. Zaius and Ape City!

-Terrible Lizard #4 of 5 (Oni Press)
Writer: Bunn, Cullen
Artist: Moss, Drew
Cover Artist: Moss, Drew
Hear those helicopters? The military is in hot pursuit of Jess and Wrex, and they intend to kill everyone’s favorite mischievous dinosaur! But if they take Wrex down, who will stand against all the mutant beasts threatening our way of life? As dozens of portals open across the city, hideous monsters pour into our world! What’s a dinosaur to do? Fight or flight?

-Gotham by Midnight #4 (Marvel)
Writer: Fawkes, Ray
Artist: Templesmith, Ben
Cover Artist: Templesmith, Ben
Dr. Szandor Tarr is far from what anyone would consider social, but will it turn out he’s more at home with an insect monster savaging Gotham City than he is with the Midnight Shift?

-Thor Annual #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Aaron, Jason
Artist: Guillory, Rob
Cover Artist: Albuquerque, Rafael
Three stories featuring three Thors! (Jane Foster is Lady Thor?)

-Prophet Vol. 4 (Image)
Writer: Graham, Brandon
Artist: Roy, Simon
Cover Artist: Stokoe, James
The Superbeing Troll’s plans to lure out Badrock come to a head. Collects PROPHET #39-45

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