28 Jan

2014 ZebuNation Awards (Writing)


Presenting the first ever Zebu Nation Awards For Excellence in Comics. Nominations.

Most Prolific (Writer)

Being a prolific writer demonstrates a command over not only the art of writing, but also the craft. Anyone can take years of their life to produce one good book. Likewise, anyone can string together vaguely coherent sentences to churn out mounds of literary garbage. It takes a special writer, however, to produce both quality and quantity in equal measure.

The nominees for 2014 are:

A great year for Aaron with two Thor titles, two X-titles, a blockbuster event from Marvel, and an acclaimed creator-owned title from Image.

Publisher                  Title                                                                    Issues*
Marvel Comics        Amazing X-Men (2014-Present)               19
Marvel Comics        Original Sin (2014)                                        55
Image Comics         Southern Bastards (2014-Present)        18
Marvel Comics        Thor (2014-Present)                                     12
Marvel Comics        Thor: God of Thunder (2012-2014)        25
Marvel Comics        Wolverine and the X-Men (2011-2014)  7


Remender continues his steady creator-owned output with three acclaimed series from Image, while also adding three flagship Marvel titles.

Publisher                   Title                                                                Issues*
Marvel Comics        Avengers X-Men: AXIS (2014-Present) 17
Image Comics        Black Science (2013-Present)                  15
Marvel Comics       Captain America (2012-2014)                  32
Image Comics        Deadly Class (2014-Present)                    23
Image Comics        Low (2014-Present)                                     10
Marvel Comics       Uncanny Avengers (2012-2014)              30
Marvel Comics        Winter Soldier: Bitter March (2014)      13


Gillen really cranked out the issues for Avatar Press while also producing a breakout hit with Wicked+Divine from Image and one of Marvels best graphic novels in Origin II.

Publisher                   Title                                                                Issues*
Avatar Press         God is Dead: The Book of Acts (2014)       6
Marvel Comics       Iron Man (2012-2014)                                    27
Marvel Comics        Origin II (2014)                                                12
Avatar Press         Uber (2013-Present)                                        68
Image Comics         Wicked+The Divine (2014-Present)        20
Marvel Comics        Young Avengers (2013-2014)                    4


What didn’t Charles Soule do in 2014? Killed Wolverine, Doomed Superman, ended Swamp Thing & Wonder Woman. Throw in an acclaimed run on She-Hulk and a creator owned title from Oni Press just for fun.

Publisher                   Title                                                                       Issues*
Marvel Comics        Death of Wolverine (2014)                            35
Marvel Comics        The Logan Legacy (2014-Present)              4
Marvel Comics        Inhuman (2014-Present)                                20
Oni Press            Letter 44 (2013-Present)                                       14
DC Comics         Red Lanterns (2011-Present)                              15
DC Comics         Red Lanterns: Futures End                                   2
Marvel Comics        She-Hulk (2014-Present)                                20
DC Comics         Superman/Wonder Woman (2013-Present) 37
DC Comics         Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End     2
DC Comics         Superman: Doomed (2014)                                 7
DC Comics         Swamp Thing (2011-Present)                             14
DC Comics         Swamp Thing: Futures End                                  2
Marvel Comics        Thunderbolts (2012-2014)                             18
DC Comics         Wonder Woman: Futures End                              2


Edmondson became the go-to-guy for spies in 2014 with titles like Black Widow, Deathlok, Punisher & Splinter Cell.

Publisher                   Title                                                                Issues*
Marvel Comics        Black Widow (2014-Present)                27
Marvel Comics        Deathlok (2014-Present)                        6
Image Comics         Dream Merchant (2013-2014)               3
Marvel Comics        Original Sins (2014)                                  1
Marvel Comics        Punisher (2014-Present)                        22
Dynamite Ent.        Splinter Cell: Echoes (2014)                  3


Writing for books ranging from Godzilla to Green Lantern, Bunn racked up an astonishing number of bylines in 2014 and worked with just about every comic book company that mattered.
Publisher                   Title                                                                   Issues*
Dynamite Ent.        Army of Darkness (2014-Present)            14
Oni Press                  Brides of Helheim                                           4
Marvel Comics        Deadpool vs. Carnage (2014)                    5
BOOM! Studios        Empty Man (2014)                                         9
Marvel Comics        Fearless Defenders (2013-2014)               3
IDW Publishing       Godzilla: Cataclysm (2014)                         12
DC Comics         Green Lantern/New Gods:Godhead (2014) 2
DC Comics                Lobo (2014-Present)                                      2
Marvel Comics        Magneto (2014-Present)                              25
Marvel Comics        Night of the Living Deadpool (2014)      9
Dynamite Ent.        Shadow (2012-2014)                                      2
DC Comics         Sinestro (2014-Present)                                      12
DC Comics         Sinestro: Futures End                                          4
Oni Press         Sixth Gun (2010-Present)                                     10
Oni Press         Sixth Gun: Days of the Dead (2014-2015)      3
Oni Press         Terrible Lizard                                                           3

*Issue count tabulated using www.stashmycomics.com. May contain variants. Does not contain collected volumes or reprints.


Best Old Favorites (Writers)

Some creators have been so excellent for so long that excellence is always expected, but scarcely rewarded. This award judges the best of the best in their own category, by their own set of standards, and corrects the injustice of taking these masters of the medium for granted.

Best Old Favorites recognizes the well-established creator who produced simply the best work or works during the year, compared against their own career body of work.

The nominees for 2014 are:

Dan has been THE man for Spider-Man since 2008, writing just about every Spidey story of consequence during that span. In 2014 Slott kicked it up a notch with the end of Superior Spider-Man and the return of Peter Parker. He also spread his wings with a fresh and exciting take on Silver Surfer.
Publisher                 Title                                                                      Issues
Marvel Comics       All-New Marvel Now! Point One (2014) 3
Marvel Comics       Amazing Spider-Man (2014-Present)      95
Marvel Comics       Silver Surfer (2014-Present)                       16
Marvel Comics       Superior Spider-Man (2013-2014)            41


The man who brought us World War Hulk and Incredible Hercules launched a Storm solo title in 2014 and also played in DC Comics toy box with a solid run on Action Comics and a mind-bending twist on the classic Batman/Superman team up.
Publisher                 Title                                                                      Issues
DC Comics             Action Comics (2011-Present)                     24
DC Comics             Batman/Superman (2013-Present)           43
Valiant Comics     Eternal Warrior (2013-2014)                         11
Marvel Comics      Storm (2014-Present)                                     9
DC Comics              Superman: Doomed (2014)                          2
Dynamite Ent.      Turok, Dinosaur Hunter (2014-Present)  87


One of the largest personalities and most respected names in the history of comics, Ellis still managed to surprise and thrill in 2014 with a genius take on C-List superhero Moon Knight. Ellis also racked up the critical acclaim with two intense and heady series from Image.
Publisher                 Title                                                                      Issues
Marvel Comics      Avengers Assemble (2012-2014)                5
Marvel Comics      Moon Knight (2014-Present)                       19
Image Comics      Supreme Blue Rose (2014-Present)           6
Image Comics      Trees (2014-Present)                                         7


Another heavyweight in the comics industry, Grant Morrison needs no introduction. Though he wasn’t the busiest writer in 2014, he did manage to bring an end to DC’s New 52 with the genre bending mini-series Multiversity. In his spare time he also used the new, Hollywood-based, Legendary Comics to satirized Hollywood in his Annihilator series. Morrison is so meta.
Publisher                        Title                                                                      Issues
DC Comics                      Multiversity (2014-Present)                          7
Legendary Comics      Annihilator (2014-Present)                            5


The man who brought us Invincible and The Walking Dead… Brought us more Invincible and Walking Dead in 2014. Consistent excellence is still excellence and Kirkmans two blockbuster series kept on rolling in 2014 with new and interesting plots to keep these long-form comics as relevant as ever.
Publisher                         Title                                                                     Issues
Image Comics                Invincible (2003-Present)                           15
Image Comics                Outcast (2014-Present)                               16
Image Comics                Super Dinosaur (2011-Present)               3
Image Comics                Walking Dead (2003-Present)                   34


The man who turned Bucky Barnes into The Winter Soldier has seemingly turned his back on Marvel and DC by producing only creator owned books in 2014. Long known as the king of crime, suspense, and noir, Brubaker hits a triple in 2014 with a spy series (Velvet), a crime series (Fade Out), and a horror/noir series (Fatale).
Publisher                         Title                                                                      Issues
Image Comics                Fade Out (2014-Present)                               9
Image Comics                Fatale (2012-2014)                                           9
Image Comics                Velvet (2013-Present)                                     8


Mike Mignola does Mike Mignola like no one else. His distinctive art and writing styles continue to thrill and chill with excellent new mini-series from Hellboy, BPRD, Baltimore, and the underrated Lobster Johnson.
Publisher                           Title                                                                             Issues
Dark Horse Comics      Abe Sapien (2013-Present)                                  11
Dark Horse Comics      B.P.R.D.: Hell on Earth (2013-Present)            17
Dark Horse Comics      Baltimore: Chapel of Bones (2014)                   2
Dark Horse Comics      Baltimore: The Witch of Harju (2014)              3
Dark Horse Comics      Baltimore: The Wolf and the Apostle (2014) 2
Dark Horse Comics      Dark Horse Presents (2011-2014)                      2
Dark Horse Comics      Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. (2014-Present)        2
Dark Horse Comics      Hellboy: In Hell (2012-Present)                           2
Dark Horse Comics      Lobster Johnson: Get the Lobster (2014)       5


My Eisner Nominees (Best Writer)

The Eisner is the premier award in the comic book industry. Therefore, I will hijack the prestige of this award and declare my own winners from the list of Eisner nominees. Some of the following nominees may have qualified for other Zebu Nation awards, but I figure that being nominated for an Eisner should be enough for them and there’s no need to hog other awards.

Kelly Sue DeConnick
Kelly Sue makes a strong bid for an Eisner with a critical darling series from Image and a fan-favorite take on the iconic Captain Marvel.

Pretty Deadly (Image);
Captain Marvel (Marvel)

Matt Fraction
The Eisner trend seems to be writers with a pairing of one excellent indie comic and one outstanding “big two” comic from either Marvel or DC. Fraction is no exception thanks to his critical darling, Sex Criminals, and main-stream hit, Hawkeye. Throw in the end of the Fantastic Four just for extra credit.

Sex Criminals (Image);
Hawkeye, (Marvel)
Fantastic Four, FF (Marvel)

Jonathan Hickman
Hickman always confuses his readers, but in East of West and Manhattan Projects he confuses us in the best possible ways. Add to that a world-changing event for the Avengers and we may have an Eisner winner.

East of West, (Image)
The Manhattan Projects (Image);
Avengers, Infinity (Marvel)

Scott Snyder
Critics and fans agree that Snyder’s Batman title is far and away the best thing to come from DC’s New 52. Throw in two creepy gothic horror titles that fit perfectly with DC’s Vertigo line and you have an Eisner worthy 2014.

Batman (DC);
American Vampire (DC/Vertigo)
The Wake (DC/Vertigo)

Eric Stephenson
I’m going to be honest. I’ve never even heard of Eric Stephenson or his comic, Nowhere Men, until I saw this list of Eisner nominees. Either that means he is the favorite to win the award or this is some kind of prank by the Eisner committee.

Nowhere Men (Image)

Brian K. Vaughan
One of the best writers in comics has seemingly focused all his attention on what has quickly become everyones favorite comic book, Saga. Good move.

Saga (Image)