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C.C. Show Notes Ep. 13


For the week of November 17th 2014.


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· This Week’s Comic News:

This Week’s Comic News: come prepared with one or two recent news items that catch your eye for the group to discuss.

DC announces Convergence Titles:
(comicbookresources.com 11/11/2014)

DC Comics have announced ten, two issue, miniseries and their creative teams for the Convergence event taking place April & May of 2015.

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist Lee Weeks and Dan Jurgens/Norm Rapmund
Superman and Lois deal with the impending birth of their child as he is called in to protect the city.

Writer: Tom Peyer
Artist: Steve Yeowell / Andy Owens
Ray Palmer finds that Ryan Choi is still alive. Together,

they meet and confront Deathstroke, the man responsible for “killing” Choi, before fighting the invading Extremists.

Writer: Alisa Kwitney
Artist: Rick Leonardi and Mark Pennington
After a year in the dome, Stephanie Brown is not sure she wants to be Batgirl again. But when Flashpoint Catman attacks, Red Robin and Black Bat call her back into service.

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons
Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon reevaluate their relationship under the dome (wedding!), but Flashpoint Hawkman & Hawkwoman attack, and everything changes.

Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Tom Grummett and Sean Parsons
Wally West and his kids are separated from Linda, which was bad enough, but when the dome falls, Flashpoint Wonder Woman comes for them.

Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Artist: Ron Wagner and Jose Marzan
Starfire and Donna Troy come to get Roy Harper who has gone into seclusion since the death of his child and loss of his arm, but then Arsenal has to choose between his team and resurrecting his dead daughter.

Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Vicente Cifuentes
When Supergirl, Zatanna, and Jade went to Jessie Quick’s baby shower, they didn’t expect to be taken to another planet for a year, or to be attacked by Flashpoint Aquaman.

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Cully Hamner
Two-Face is fighting another world’s Harvey Dent, and it’s up to Renee Montoya as the Question to help him beat the odds.

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Denys Cowan and Klaus Janson
Bruce Wayne and Damian have friction with Red Hood before the Extremists attack.

Writer: Steve Pugh
Artist: Phil Winslade and John Dell
Harley Quinn is enjoying her normal life under the dome until Catwoman and Poison Ivy draft her to fight Captain Carrot.

Marvel Universe/”Attack on Titan” crossover:
(comicbookresources.com 11/03/2014)

Japanese pop culture magazine Brutus has revealed some new details concerning the upcoming crossover between Marvel Comics and the Attack on Titan manga (viaCrunchyRoll).

According the magazine’s next issue preview, Brutus 790 will feature a What If…? story that sees the Avengers battling the Female Titan from the popular manga in New York City (this conflicts with information initially tweeted by C.B. Cebulski, who said the crossover would take place in Japan).

The issue will also feature thoughts on the crossover and the characters from Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama. Isayama will draw a Titan sticker and the cover for the issue, but it’s still unclear who will actually be drawing the story itself.

Brutus 790, featuring the Avengers/Attack on Titan crossover, goes on sale in Japan on November 15.

Marvel’s Senior VP of Creative Development, C.B. Cebulski, tweeted out a black and white drawing of two Titans attacking NYC, with Spider-Man in the foreground.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity was nearly wiped out by giant creatures called Titans, “Attack on Titan” follows Eren Yeager, a young man who enlists in the military with his friends after a Titan devours his mother. The series, currently ongoing, details his adventures in the army as he discovers his ability to transform into a Titan.
Comics Worth Reading: Come prepared to discuss two recent comics/collections (currently being published) you’d recommend to others.

Comics Worth Reading:

-All-New Captain America #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Remender, Rick
Artist: Immonen, Stuart
Cover Artist: Immonen, Stuart
If you are unfamiliar with Sam Wilson, aka, The Falcon, this book does a good job of introducing the character and showing you what his version of Captain America is all about. It also catches you up with recent history of Captain America & friends, including geriatric Steve Rogers & Peggy Carter acting like an old retired couple, and Steve’s adopted son from Dimension Z, Ian Rogers, now acting as Sam’s partner in crimefighting.

The story flies right into the action with Sam & Ian infiltrating a Hydra base and discovering much more danger than they thought was there. Basically, every Hydra-based villain Cap & Falcon have ever faced, all in one room!

It sets up what should be an action-packed storyline going forward.

-Captain America & Mighty Avengers #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Ewing, Al
Artist: Ross, Luke
Cover Artist: Ross, Luke
This comic has Sam Wilson as Captain America, but it’s a Sam Wilson like you’ve never seen before. He’s really a jerk in this comic to the point of bordering on a villain, which I think is the whole point of the Axis storyline.

So, Sam Wilson, former civil rights advocate and community activist, now looks upon the “bleeding hearts” of the world as a scourge on his America that he holds in utter contempt. This is truly a complete reversal of the character. It’s also setting up, not a partnership with the newly formed “Mighty Avengers”, but a serious philosophical conflict with them.

So, who are the Mighty Avengers? They are a new group formed by Luke Cage as a cross between the classic Avengers and his old super team Heroes for Hire. Basically, you can contact the Mighty Avengers for any problem you have, and they will send an Avenger to help you. Whether it’s a Supervillain on your doorstep, or an unpaid parking ticket on your driving record, the Mighty Avengers will be there to help.

-Thor #2 (Marvel)
Writer: Aaron, Jason
Artist: Dauterman, Russell
Cover Artist: Dauterman, Russell
We’re introduced to the new Thor without really being introduced. We still don’t know who she is, but we know that she’s Thor and that Thor is still the defender of Midgard. There’s an interesting duality to this new Thor as we see the confusion of her inner monologue about who she is and what’s going on, while at the same time whenever she speaks, it comes out with all the confidence and bravado of The God of of Thunder.

We’re definitely supposed to get the idea that Mjolnir, the hammer, is imbuing this new Goddess of Thunder with all the Thor-ness of Thor, even though

-Batgirl #36 (DC)
Writer: Stewart, Cameron
Artist: Tarr, Babs
Cover Artist: Stewart, Camero
Strange things are afoot in the suburbs of Gotham. Barbara accidentally damages the hard drive where she keeps her grad school thesis, someone is impersonating Batgirl on social media, assassins dressed as cartoon villains are terrorizing campus. Is there no end to Barbara’s bad day?

-Prometheus Fire and Stone #2 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Tobin, Paul
Artist: Ferreyra, Juan
Cover Artist: Palumbo, David
Chaos breaks loose when a member of the Prometheus’s recovery team is exposed to the dangerous and mysterious genetic accelerant! Now, with the crew divided and hope for survival fleeting, a terrifying discovery offers a glimpse into the fate of the Prometheus . . . and the colony on LV-426!

-Dark Ages #4 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Abnett, Dan
Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.
Cover Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.
When a godless mercenary war band discovers an ancient and bizarre piece of alien technology, they find themselves enlisted in the violent conflict against cosmic demon invaders!

-Bigger Bang #1 of 4 (IDW)
Writer: Kirkbride, D.J.
Artist: Gogtzilas, Vassilis
Cover Artist: Gogtzilas, Vassilis
The Big Bang created all life as we know it. The Bigger Bang creates just one: a being named Cosmos. Is he a destroyer? A hero? A god? All he knows is that he’s completely alone in what was our universe… so he seeks out another where he’ll try to atone for the sins of his mysterious creation. From the inventive minds of D.J. Kirkbride (Amelia Cole, Never Ending) and Vassilis Gogtzilas (Augusta Wind) comes a sprawling space-epic of multi-dimensional proportions.

-Red Sonja #13 (Dynamite)
Writer: Simone, Gail
Artist: Geovani, Walter
Cover Artist: Frison, Jenny
Beginning a new Sonja epic that will shake the She-devil to her core! In THE FORGIVING OF MONSTERS, PART ONE, the Hyrkanian finds herself aiding a small village against a hideous and bloody infestation, while an enemy from her past threatens to crush her spirit forever!

-Wilds End #3 (BOOM!)
Writer: Abnett, Dan
Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.
Cover Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.
Clive and the others can no longer deny the danger of the alien threat or the violence it’s capable of. As they struggle to escape the alien targeting them and hope to survive long enough to find answers.

Topic of the Week:

The Most Pointless Superhero You Can Create – OR – your secret almost useless superpower.
Here are your questions:
1. I think the best examples of useless superheroes are heroes who use their powers to do things that ordinary people already do. So, My useless superhero is called Garbage Man. He has the power to move garbage from one trash can to another, but only within a 50’ radius.

2. I have a question. What is the most useless superhero currently in comics?

3. There are already some good examples of pointless superheroes. Stan Lee’s Superhumans TV show. Mystery Men movie.
This Week’s Highlights: Where we each callout the 1 or 2 books we’re most looking forward to this Wednesday, August 27. Also –any key #1’s or good jumping on points?

This Week’s Highlights:

-Spider-Woman #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Hopeless, Dennis
Artist: Land, Greg
Cover Artist: Land, Greg
New Ongoing Series/Spider-Verse Tie-In! Jessica Drew has been an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and agent of S.W.O.R.D., an Avenger and so much more. But nothing could prepare her for the multidimensional insanity that is Spider-Verse! A war is brewing, and every spider-character in the multiverse is a target! But being a target is something Jessica Drew just won’t abide. She’s a woman with a mission and with Silk, the newest spider-character on the block at her side, she’ll have to put all her training to the test if she wants to make it out of Spider-Verse alive! SPIDER-VERSE KICKS OFF A NEW ONGOING SERIES!

-The Multiversity Pax Americana #1 (DC)
Writer: Morrison, Grant (All-Star Superman)
Artist: Quitely, Frank (All-Star Superman)
Cover Artist: Quitely, Frank
Brace yourselves for the next exciting chapter of THE MULTIVERSITY as the acclaimed ALL-STAR SUPERMAN team of writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely investigate the conspiracy on Earth-4, home of Pax Americana! Told backwards through an experimental storytelling technique that reveals new mysteries with each turn of the page, PAX AMERICANA stars The Question, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Nightshade and Peacemaker like you’ve never seen them before! As the assassination of the U.S. president leads to political intrigue, interpersonal drama and astro-physical wonder, the truth behind the crime and those involved will blow your mind! What confidential conversation between the president and Captain Atom could reveal everything? How far will The Question take his hunt for the truth before he hurts his former friends – or himself? And who is the steel-handed bogeyman operating in the shadows? Discover all this and more in this exciting stand-alone issue which also acts as chapter four of the MULTIVERSITY storyline. Join us, if your dare, for THE MULTIVERSITY!

-Predator Fire and Stone #2 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Williamson, Joshua
Artist: Mooneyham, Chris
Cover Artist: Brown, Dan
After the mayhem and terror of Weyland-Yutani’s disastrous mission to the site of the Prometheus, Galgo’s troubles continue when his ship is shanghaied by a Predator stowaway! Its obsession with a mysterious, deadly quarry sends them to the last place in the universe Galgo’d like to revisit-the Xeno-infested LV-223!

-Goners #2 (Image)
Writer: Semahn, Jacob
Artist: Corona, Jorge
Cover Artist: Corona, Jorge
‘WE ALL FALL DOWN,’ Part Two Assault on the King’s Bluff Police Station as the Latimer children fight their way out against the onslaught of horrors that stalk them.

-Tales of Imperfect Future HC (Dark Horse)
Writer: Font, Alfonso
Artist: Font, Alfonso
Cover Artist: Font, Alfonso
European comics master Alfonso Font presents three satirical science fiction tales, as told by an extraterrestrial, that warn of the dangers that await the human race if it fails to change its ways: a planet so polluted that life on its surface is almost impossible; the human race continuing its destructive and fatal expedition into the galaxy to colonize other planets; humans killed for their organs to transplant into their ‘superiors’; and the keeping of robot companions, whose emotionlessness may be the only way to avoid catastrophe.

Panelist Goodbye: You can find me at zebunation.com. Also at Trollthedice.com Where we’ve rebooted and started over with an all-new episode 001 featuring the DnD 5th edition adventure module Hoard of the Dragon Queen!

· Panelist Goodbye:

You can find me at zebunation.com. Also at Trollthedice.com Where we’ve rebooted and started over with an all-new episode 001 featuring the DnD 5th edition adventure module Hoard of the Dragon Queen!