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C.C. Show Notes Ep. 12


For the week of November 10th 2014.


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· This Week’s Comic News:

Marvel Subpoenas Google for “Age of Ultron” leaks:

(comicbookresources.com 11/06/2014)

Marvel’s response to the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer leak was swift—soon after the video hit the web, the studio abandoned its plans to debut it during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D the following week and released their own, high-res version right away. It paid off, breaking streaming records despite the leak.

But the story doesn’t end there—on Marvel’s request, Google has been subpoenaed by a federal judge to produce information relating to the source of the leak.

According to the documents filed by the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and obtained by Deadline, Google has been commanded to bring “all identifying information for the user ‘John Gazelle,’ “the Google account that leaked the trailer. The information is to be brought to Latham and Watkins LLP, a San Francisco firm, on November 18 for “inspection, copying, testing, or sampling.”

Given the remarkable speed of the legal recourse taken by Marvel Studios, it seems that Disney is quite keen on sending a message to the internet at large: Don’t leak their stuff.

Although Marvel appeared last month to take the leak of the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” trailer in stride, tweeting “Dammit, Hydra,” behind the scenes the company appears determined to uncover who was behind it.

While documents don’t specify the nature of the file, a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice was sent by Marvel to Google on Oct. 22, the same day the trailer leaked.

Google acted quickly to remove the content, but Marvel also wants the IP address linked to the user’s Google+ and YouTube accounts.

Written and directed by Joss Whedon, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” arrives in theaters May 1.

Star Wars VII Title: “The Force Awakens”

(comicbookresources.com 11/06/2014)

Lucasfilm quietly revealed the full title of Star Wars: Episode VII with a logo released this morning announcing the end of principal photography: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


No additional details were provided, so fans will have to be content with speculation about the plot of the J.J. Abrams film. We do know that it takes place about 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and of course features the stars of the original series.

Opening Dec. 18, 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens stars franchise veterans Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker and Warwick Davis, and newcomers John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Max von Sydow, Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie.

Marvel Universe/”Attack on Titan” crossover:

(comicbookresources.com 11/03/2014)

Japanese pop culture magazine Brutus has revealed some new details concerning the upcoming crossover between Marvel Comics and the Attack on Titan manga (viaCrunchyRoll).

According the magazine’s next issue preview, Brutus 790 will feature a What If…? story that sees the Avengers battling the Female Titan from the popular manga in New York City (this conflicts with information initially tweeted by C.B. Cebulski, who said the crossover would take place in Japan).

The issue will also feature thoughts on the crossover and the characters from Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama. Isayama will draw a Titan sticker and the cover for the issue, but it’s still unclear who will actually be drawing the story itself.

Brutus 790, featuring the Avengers/Attack on Titan crossover, goes on sale in Japan on November 15.

titanMarvel’s Senior VP of Creative Development, C.B. Cebulski, tweeted out a black and white drawing of two Titans attacking NYC, with Spider-Man in the foreground.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity was nearly wiped out by giant creatures called Titans, “Attack on Titan” follows Eren Yeager, a young man who enlists in the military with his friends after a Titan devours his mother. The series, currently ongoing, details his adventures in the army as he discovers his ability to transform into a Titan.

· Comics Worth Reading:

-Death of Wolverine Deadpool and Captain America #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Duggan, Gerry (Deadpool 2014, Hulk 2014)
Artist: Kolins, Scott
Cover Artist: McGuinness, Ed

I bought this comic fully expecting to hate it, but I was actually charmed by the pairing of Old Man Cap and the Merc with the Mouth.

Cap and Deadpool are doing their duty by mutual friend, Wolverine, by going to his home and burning anything that could contain his DNA. I know that’s what I expect from my friends when I kick the bucket. Anyway, the new dynamic duo of Marvel Comics soon learns that A.I.M has a knife with some Wolverine DNA on it and they quickly move to retrieve it.

Watching Steve Rogers still kicking butt on the A.I.M nerd crew while Deadpool quips away was actually very fun and enjoyable.

The end of the book has a twist that could have huge, if predictable, ramifications for the whole “Death of Wolverine” saga.

-Terrible Lizard #1 (Oni Press)
Writer: Bunn, Cullen
Artist: Moss, Drew
Cover Artist: Hill, Ryan
The touching story of a girl named Jessica and her T-Rex … First of all, this is an all-ages book so you have to understand that it isn’t going to be gritty and serious, it’s going to be light-hearted and fun, and that’s exactly what it is.

It starts out with a pretty basic storyline, of a teenage girl who is bored and lonely living with her scientist father who only seems to care about his work. They live in a secluded compound called Cosmos Labs where her father is working on some kind of teleportation experiment for the military.

Needless to say, something goes wrong and her father accidentally materializes a giant T-Rex into his lab out of thin air. But this isn’t an ordinary T-Rex. He seems intelligent and friendly, and quickly forms a bond with Jessica. The military agrees to let Jessica and her father keep the T-Rex for study while they figure out what to do with it.

This was a fine first issue, but what I’m excited about is the final page which shows a giant gorilla monster about to attack Jessica and the T-Rex, so you know that monster fighting is about to break out in the next issue.

STK655930John Carter: Warlord of Mars #1 (IDW)
Writer: Marz, Ron
Artist: Malsuni, Abhishek
Cover Artist: Jones, J. G.
I bought this book mainly for the cover art. Yes, it’s a mostly naked lady. I have no defense. Anyway, the story inside was total setup and also mostly pictures of a nearly naked Princess of Mars as she struggles against the mystery invader who has captured her and her capitol city.

It’s not very well written, though the reveal at the end is “interesting” in a way. Not nearly interesting enough to make me pick up issue #2 though.

-Spread #4 (Image)
Writer: Jordan, Justin
Artist: Strahm, Kyle
Cover Artist: Strahm, Kyle
Lead character “No” and his new family of Baby Hope, and Crazy Molly find themselves in the middle of a bit of a war between multiple parties, including some Spread worshiping priest whose followers look like human but are actually infected by The Spread. This probably won’t end well.

-Alien vs Predator Fire and Stone #2 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Sebela, Christopher
Artist: Olivetti, Ariel
Cover Artist: Gist, E.M.
Once again, I did not read this yet because of built-in SPOILERS!!! Dark Horse, why did you mess this up so bad?

·Topic of the Week:

Your Superhero home base: 

Ground Rules: We’re going to keep this as grounded as we can in reality by saying up front: superpowers don’t exist, BUT,  like Batman , you have at your disposal all the training and resources money can buy. So it may be better to think of this as your Vigilante Home Base.

Here are your questions:
1. Where is your Home Base located – in an isolated area like the country, or an abandoned part of town, or is it in a populated area like a residential neighborhood or business district – and Why? I’ve always liked the idea of having my own private island. I’d probably want it in international waters or near a small country so I don’t have to worry about law enforcement.

2. Access to your Home Base – How do you come and go from your home base? Do you try to keep access points hidden? Do you safeguard them? Do you have an escape plan? Secret submarine base, obviously. Also an airport for private jets. I would also buy decommissioned warships and upgrade them to give myself a navy. Hopefully a small aircraft carrier.

3. Home Base Uses – What is its primary purpose? What else do you do there? Do you spend nights there? Live there? Is it devoted to your superhero activities – like an office or lab, or do you use it in your personal life too? I would live there and run my global businesses and charities from there.

4. Who else knows about it? The people who work for me. I would be like a Tony Stark robotics designer. I would build cybernetic limbs for people who had lost their limbs in war, or some other way, and they would work for me doing charity work or whatever it is they are skilled at. 4 years of service, kind of like the peace corps, but they would get paid a good salary as well.

5. What is your favorite feature of your Home Base? Cayman Island-like tax benefits. Hopefully a nice beach, being that it’s an island.

6. Closing remarks. I’ve always wondered if Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark could actually do more good in the world than their superhero alter-egos if they put all their time and money into philanthropy or public works instead of batmobiles and Iron Man armors. Kind of like Ozymandias in Watchmen when he tells Nite Owl that schoolboy heroics won’t save the world.

· This Week’s Highlights:

-All-New Captain America #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Remender, Rick
Artist: Immonen, Stuart
Cover Artist: Immonen, Stuart
* This is it! The all-new, Spy-Fi, highflying adventures of Sam Wilson Captain America and Nomad begin here!
* Hydra is growing, the terrorist band have has infiltrated the Marvel Universe completely! But what is their ultimate goal?
* United by Hydra, Cap’s rogue’s gallery gathers to take down the new untested Captain America and Nomad!

-Captain America & Mighty Avengers #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Ewing, Al
Artist: Ross, Luke
Cover Artist: Ross, Luke
AXIS TIE-IN! Spinning directly out of AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS! Sam Wilson has become Captain America, and when he assembles the Mighty Avengers, he has a whole new mission statement in mind for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But how do the events of AXIS already spell doom for the team’s new direction? And what is Luke Cage doing meeting with the head of the notorious Cortex corporation? And why is Spider-Man trying to rejoin the team–doesn’t he know Luke and Jessica have been itching for payback ever since he tried to take their daughter to Child Services back when he was ‘Superior’?! They’re the Avengers for the people, of the people – helping whoever needs it, however they need it. And together with Sam Wilson – the all-new Captain America – they are Mighty. But in the wake of the earth-shattering events of AXIS, are they truly together? Or about to fall apart? Guest-starring the apologetic arachnid – Spider-Man!

-Prometheus Fire and Stone #2 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Tobin, Paul
Artist: Ferreyra, Juan
Cover Artist: Palumbo, David
Chaos breaks loose when a member of the Prometheus’s recovery team is exposed to the dangerous and mysterious genetic accelerant! Now, with the crew divided and hope for survival fleeting, a terrifying discovery offers a glimpse into the fate of the Prometheus . . . and the colony on LV-426!

-Dark Ages #4 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Abnett, Dan
Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.
Cover Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.
When a godless mercenary war band discovers an ancient and bizarre piece of alien technology, they find themselves enlisted in the violent conflict against cosmic demon invaders!

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