05 Nov

C.C. Show Notes Ep. 11 (Off-Week)


For the week of November 3rd 2014.


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I’m not on the podcast for Episode 11, but I’ll keep up on the show notes just so I don’t fall out of practice.

· This Week’s Comic News:

-Marvel Movie News:

Marvel movie news dominated the headlines last week. Here’s the complete rundown.

Film                                                 U.S. release date     Director(s)
Avengers: Age of Ultron              May 1, 2015         Joss Whedon
Ant-Man                                              July 17, 2015       Peyton Reed
Captain America: Civil War      May 6, 2016          Anthony and Joe Russo
Doctor Strange                               Nov 4, 2016          Scott Derrickson
Guardians of the Galaxy 2        May 5, 2017          James Gunn
Thor: Ragnarok                              July 28, 2017        TBA
Black Panther                                  Nov 3, 2017          TBA
Avengers: Infinity War Part 1   May 4, 2018          TBA
Captain Marvel                               July 6, 2018          TBA
Inhumans                                          Nov 2, 2018          TBA
Avengers: Infinity War Part 2   May 3, 2019          TBA

· Comics Worth Reading:

-Deathlok #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Edmondson, Nathan (BLACK WIDOW and THE PUNISHER)
Artist: Perkins, Mike
Cover Artist: Perkins, Mike

The concept for the new Deathlok is an interesting idea, but the execution of that idea was not very exciting. This first issue left me very nonplussed about the idea of a new Deathlok because neither the art nor the writing was very exciting or fantastic, two things a Deathlok comic should be.

basically, all the intrigue in this new series comes from the fact that Deathlok is a really good man, and a loving father, who is being remotely controlled without his knowledge by a secret organization that’s turned him into a killing machine. He’s basically a sleep-walking bionic assassin.

It’s a good concept, but this comic is lacking the execution to make that concept shine.

-Death of Wolverine Deadpool and Captain America #1 (Marvel)
Writer: Duggan, Gerry
Artist: Kolins, Scott
Cover Artist: McGuinness, Ed

I bought this comic fully expecting to hate it, but I was actually charmed by the pairing of Old Man Cap and the Merc with the Mouth.

Cap and Deadpool are doing their duty by mutual friend, Wolverine, by going to his home and burning anything that could contain his DNA. I know that’s what I expect from my friends when I kick the bucket. Anyway, the new dynamic duo of Marvel Comics soon learns that A.I.M has a knife with some Wolverine DNA on it and they quickly move to retrieve it.

Watching Old Cap still kicking butt on the A.I.M nerd crew while Deadpool quips away was actually very fun and enjoyable, and the end of the book has a twist that could have huge, if predictable, ramifications for the whole “Death of Wolverine” saga.

-Aliens Fire and Stone #2 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Roberson, Chris
Artist: Reynolds, Patric
Cover Artist: Palumbo, David

Finally a Fire and Stone book I can read! This book sees the refugees from LV-426 setting up a new home in the improbable jungle on the sister moon of LV-223. Predictably, this doesn’t go very well as the colonists begin to squabble and the Xenomorphs continue to prey on them.

I was getting a little annoyed at the irrationality of the survivors, but the strange twist on the final page sets up some weird possibilities for the next two issues. Of course, this twist would have been MUCH more interesting if everything hadn’t already been spoiled by Prometheus #1 and AvP #1.

Darkhorse I hate you so much for this release schedule.

-Justice League United Annual #1 (DC Comics)
Writer: Lemire, Jeff
Artist: Edwards, Neil
Cover Artist: Edwards, Neil

It’s kind of hard to even remember what happened in this book. I’m not sure if it’s because I wasn’t paying attention while reading it or if it was just that dull. Either way, I was disappointed in this book partially because it didn’t live up to the title of “Annual.”

Annuals are supposed to be giant-sized, slam-bang, self-contained, stories that come at the end of the publishing year to cleans the readers pallets with something fresh and new and interesting. Unfortunately, this is just yet another #1 issue in the DC “Multiversity” event, and that’s just what it felt like to me.

Basically, we have yet another casualty in the 52 multiverse as it’s discovered that the 31st century has been destroyed and what’s left of the Legion of the Superheroes has arrived in the past to save the future. I’m sorry. TO SAVE THE FUTURE!!!!

Who’s future are they saving? It’s hard to tell with all the multiverses flying around these days, but we get do get some good hero vs hero punching as the Legionnaires come back in time to do a “Terminator” on some kid so that kid won’t grow up to… DESTROY THE FUTURE!!!

Anyway, they’re stopped by current JLA/JSA members headed by Martian Manhunter and Star Girl. This allows time for cooler heads to prevail, and for Braniac 5 to arrive and start making sense of all this.

It’s basically a first issue and a setup issue or what’s to follow. It’s not bad. It’s just not what I would call and annual.

·Topic of the Week:

Scary Comics: What are the most memorable scary comics you’ve read?

• Basically, I want to talk about two comics. The first isn’t a scary comic, but it is a Halloween comic. It’s Captain America #326, The Haunting of Skull House.


This book is a true Halloween comic in that it’s creepy, mysterious, and it actually takes place on the holiday. The story begins with Cap getting a tip on his nation-wide BBS that there is something happening at Skull house, and old manor once used by his arch-enemy, Red Skull.

It turns out that the house is haunted by the ghost of Red Skull and several other villains who met their demise while battling Cap. These villains include M.O.D.O.K, Porcupine, Scourge, and a terrorist whom Cap was forced to shoot and kill in order to save a plane full of passengers.

Anyway, this book has it all. Creepy ghosts, intense action, phycological warfare, and a surprise twist at the end. Look it up if you can find it anywhere.

• The second book is actually a mini-series, though it can be collected in trade paperback, called Aliens: Labyrinth. I collected this four-issue mini series as a teenager and it was the first, and maybe only, comic that actually made me fearful.


If you’re reading the story today, you might think that it starts in typical “Aliens” fashion, where a mad scientist is trying to tame the aliens, or at least use them in experiments. However, at the time it was released there weren’t actually many of these stories around so it was a fresh idea.

Regardless of when you read this story, you won’t be disappointed to discover that the mad scientist plot is just the setup for a much creepier story, the story of what made the scientist lose his mind, and soul, and become so obsessed with the Xenomorphs.

After the first issue we’re treated to a flashback to the scientist’s youth, when his family was out exploring the galaxy and came across a planet with an alien hive. The young scientist and his family were captured by the aliens and brought back to the hive for embryo implantation, but there was something wrong. The hive was sick, dying, and the xenomorphs were performing their own kind of experimentation to try and adapt to whatever was killing them.

The results are disturbing and scary, and I can distinctly remember being literally on the edge of my seat as I read these issues.

I don’t want to spoil the book because it is available in trade, and I encourage you to read it if you have curiosity about the Aliens universe.

· This Week’s Highlights:

-John Carter: Warlord of Mars (IDW)
Writer: Marz, Ron
Artist: Malsuni, Abhishek
Cover Artist: Jones, J. G.
John Carter: Warlord of Mars returns in a new monthly series, officially authorized by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.! Superstar writer Ron Marz finally gets to pen the series he has always wanted to write, with amazing new art talent Abhishek Malsuni joining him. Return to the exotic landscape of Barsoom, as John Carter has to save his adopted world, not to mention his beloved Dejah Thoris, from an enemy like no other he has ever faced. John Carter must truly become Warlord of Mars against an adversary who is every bit his equal on the savage red planet. An amazing new era for John Carter of Mars starts here!

-Spread #4 (Image)
Writer: Jordan, Justin
Artist: Strahm, Kyle
Cover Artist: Strahm, Kyle
Ravello and his raiders on one side, Church of the Risen God on the other, with No, Hope, and Molly in the middle. This probably won’t end well.

-Alien vs Predator Fire and Stone #2 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Sebela, Christopher
Artist: Olivetti, Ariel
Cover Artist: Gist, E.M.
A terminally ill scientist’s desperate experiment yields deadly results, and offers the Predators a chance to hunt an invincible new game!

-Terrible Lizard #1 (Oni Press)
Writer: Bunn, Cullen
Artist: Moss, Drew
Cover Artist: Hill, Ryan
The touching story of a girl and her T-Rex … with a healthy dose of collateral damage and monster conflict on the side. When the scientists of Cosmos Labs punch a hole through time and space, they pull a ferocious dinosaur into the present. The dinosaur imprints on teenage Jessica, proving to be more mischievous than vicious. But he is not alone. Strangely mutated prehistoric monsters begin attacking our world. What’s a girl and her dinosaur-fighting dinosaur supposed to do?

· Panelist Goodbye:

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