08 Oct

The Full List 10-08-2014




Comic books I bought this week.

Alien vs. Predator Fire and Stone #1 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Sebela, Christopher
Artist: Olivetti, Ariel
Cover Artist: Gist, E.M.
As the mercenary crew of the Perses leave the horror of LV-223 behind them, one passenger reveals a terrible new danger, and the crew soon find themselves in a deadly struggle between predator and prey!

Batgirl #35 (DC)
Writer: Stewart, Cameron
Artist: Tarr, Babs
Cover Artist: Stewart, Cameron
Barbara Gordon is no stranger to dusting herself off when disaster strikes

Dark Ages #3 (Dark Horse)
Writer: Abnett, Dan
Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.
Cover Artist: Culbard, I. N. J.
Fortified in a secluded monastery, the heathen mercenaries discover a strange new ally in their war against the demons from the sky. But this new discovery reveals a conflict much older-and much more deadly-than any of them could have imagined!

Hawkeye Vol. 3: La Woman TP (Marvel)
Writer: Fraction, Matt
Artist: Pulido, Javier
Cover Artist: TBD,
Kate Bishop heads to Los Angeles to get away from New York, life and Clint Barton – but she can’t escape trouble! Because Madame Masque is hanging out poolside with the rich and famous, as well! As Kate helps a reclusive and sixties-damaged pop-music genius find his lost masterpiece, Madame Masque finds Kate. By which we mean starts trying to kill her again. This one has it all! Characters! Plot! Story! Dialogue! Theme! Meaning! Message! Action! A little exposition! Fire! Arrows! Criminals! Neighbors! Large bodies of water! Clients! Cops who don’t care! A system that victimizes the victims! The dog! In a broken town where cynicism and apathy has its claws around the throat of the good and decent, Lady Hawkguy is the only hero you can trust! Collecting HAWKEYE (2012) #14, #16, 18, #20 and ANNUAL #1.

Moon Knight Vol. 1: From Dead TP (Marvel)
Writer: Ellis, Warren
Artist: Shalvey, Declan
Cover Artist: TBD,
Marc Spector is Moon Knight! Or is he? It’s hard to tell these days, especially when New York’s wildest vigilante protects the street with two-fisted justice and three – that’s right, count ’em – three different personalities! But even with the mystical force of Egyptian moon-god Khonshu fueling his crusade, how does the night’s greatest detective save a city that’s as twisted as he is? The road to victory is going to hurt. A lot. Be there as Moon Knight punches ghosts(!), investigates a sleep experiment that’s driving its patients insane, travels to the mushroom graveyard planet(!!), faces the Black Spectre and takes on twenty mob enforcers to save an abductee

The October Faction #1 (IDW)
Writer: Niles, Steve
Artist: Worm, Damien
Cover Artist: Worm, Damien
The creative team behind Monster & Madman would like to introduce you to the ongoing adventures of retired monster-hunter Frederick Allan and his family