24 Oct

Blood Bowl 2 Team Cheat Sheet






Blood Bowl II Cheat Sheet

Here are my quick overviews for all the teams in the Blood Bowl 2 video game by Games Workshop and Cyanide Studio… Because I couldn’t find good ones anywhere else.



The Skinny

perso_bretonsOn paper, Bretons are the worst teams in Blood Bowl II. They lack any skilled offensive players and have no big, strong, players for brawling with opponents. Their Linemen and Blockers are the weakest of any race and, while their Blitzers are excellent, their Blitzers are also not necessarily the best players in the game.

That said, the strength of any Bretonnian team is obviously its Blitzers. However, a less obvious strength is the fact that their other players are so easily replaceable that there’s no reason to be cautious with them. Just throw waves of blockers and linemen at your opponents to distract them long enough for your blitzers to swoop in and make a play.


Why Play?

Play a Bretonnian team if you’re looking for a challenge, or if you enjoy playing a more strategic game. The Bretons play a bit like a game of chess, sacrificing pawns so more powerful players are free to move around the field. Figuring out the best use of the Wrestle and Fend skills of your blockers and linemen is the key to success. Once you level up your blitzers they can make excellent two-way players and can dominate the game with a plethora of offensive and defensive skills at their disposal.



The Skinny

perso_chaosChaos teams are strictly defensive, brawling, teams. Four powerful Chaos Warriors and a mighty Minotaur give Chaos teams a formidable front line. The Beastmen are adequate linemen who excel at the Blitz because of their Horns Mutation.

Where Chaos teams struggle is on offense because they lack the speed to score quickly or the agility to dodge tackles. They also have no passing or catching skills, and often struggle to even pick up the ball! Your best option with a Chaos team is to forget about the ball and focus on the brawl.


Why Play?

If you like being a bully, then a Chaos  team is for you! Chaos teams are usually bigger and stronger than their opponents and constantly knock them to the turf. Also, once Chaos players start leveling up, they have access to Chaos Mutations, which can add some real fun and quirky abilities that no other team can match. The key to winning with a Chaos team is managing the Minotaur, who needs constant companions to avoid going “Wild”, and to injure as many opponents as possible during each match. Skill up your Warriors with Block and Mighty Blow, give your Beastmen as many Mutations as they can handle, then have fun storming the castle/end zone!


Dark Elves‎

The Skinny

witchDark Elves are dangerous on the defensive end and mildly scary on offense. With the possibility of fielding up to 10 specialized players, Dark Elf teams are some of the most skilled teams in the game. However, their odd combination of violent skills with poorly armored players makes coming up with good game plans both tricky and essential for success.

Using your players wisely is another key. Blitzers and Linemen can be used as muscle, but must avoid extended brawls. Assassins and Witches can rack up the kills and injuries by picking off weaker opponents, but it’s up to the agile Runners to grab the ball and actually score some points.



Why Play?

First and foremost, Dark Elves have the coolest aesthetics of all the teams. Cool armor, wicked helmets, and sexy abs are on full display. They even have the only female players in the game, with the Witch Elf, who sports leather short-shorts and thigh high armored boots. Aesthetics aside, Dark Elves are another team to play if you’re looking for a tactical challenge or a new way to play the game. Mobility is the Dark Elves greatest asset. All of their players have high Agility and decent MA, so keep your players on the move and attack your opponent’s’ weak spots with whichever of your skilled players is best for the job.



The Skinny

perso_dwarfsDwarves are slow, but sturdy, and incredibly good at line-play. Most of their players have Block, Thick Skull, and high AV, which makes them hard to knock down and even harder to KO or injure. This makes Dwarf teams highly suited for brawling and trench warfare. Their basic linemen are some of the best in the game with the Block & Tackle skill combination that makes them a nightmare to go against. 2 Blitzers, 2 Troll Slayers, and a Death Roller add even more brute force to Dwarf front lines while Runners take care of scooping up the ball and running for touchdowns.

Speed, however, is the achilles heel of the Dwarves, as they are the slowest teams in the game by far and can be scored on easily if forced to play in the open field. Also, while the Death Roller is very cool, it is also the most unreliable of all the Large Players in the game because it is usually thrown out of the game by the referee after the first touchdown is scored.


Why Play?

Dwarf teams are steady and consistent, rarely succumbing to injuries or replacing players due to death. It takes a special kind of patience to play one of these teams, so If you like grinding out wins and punishing your opponents with crushing blocks, then the Dwarfs are for you. Injuries, KOs, & Deaths are your path to victory.


High Elves‎

The Skinny

elvesSpeed, Agility, and the passing game are what High Elves are all about. Every player on an Elf team can throw, catch, and dodge better than most other teams thanks to their high agility. This makes any player on the field a threat to score.

Defense and brawling is where Elf teams struggle, but intelligent use of their excellent Blitzers and versatile Linemen can allow Elf teams to play just enough defense to outscore any opponent.

The Key to Elf teams are their excellent Catchers who have the speed and agility to score touchdowns, but also have the strength to hold their own on defense.


Why Play?

If you enjoy scoring points and completing passes, then Elf teams are for you. Most Elf teams can score from anywhere on the field in just a turn or two by throwing long passes that other teams wouldn’t even dream of attempting. Also, with all the passing and scoring, it’s easier to level up Elf players and gain all the skills you need to survive and win. High Elf players can be some of the best players in the game at high levels.



The Skinny

perso_humansHuman teams are good, solid, teams with few weaknesses. They have skilled Throwers for offense, solid Linemen for defense, and a decent Large Player in the Ogre for surviving brawls.

The real secret to Human teams, however, is the fact that they can field both 4 Catchers and 4 Blitzers. This allows Humans the flexibility to focus on either offense or defense, depending on who they put in the game and which team they’re facing.



Why Play?

It’s always cool to play as Humans because they’re more relatable and they have pronounceable names, not to mention that their helmets and armor sets are also very iconic. As far as playing goes, if you like versatility and don’t want to get railroaded into playing one set style based on your player’s limitations, the Humans are for you. They can excel at just about any play style and, with the proper levelling, can be forged into any kind of team you want.



The Skinny

lizardLizardmen are one of the newest and most bizarre races in the game. Available as DLC or as a pre-order bonus, the Lizardmen add a unique flavor to the game thanks to their odd mix of very big and very small players.

Lizardmen are strong up front with their huge Saurus blockers and even huger Kroxigor big-man leading the way. However, they rely on flocks of weak and vulnerable Skinks to guard their flanks and handle the ball. The Skinks are speedy, but their lack of skills or agility often makes offense a comedy of errors for Lizard teams. Also, Skinks’ get injured and killed a lot. A LOT.


Why Play?

If you miss the thrill of playing with Halflings, Snotlings, or any other tiny players from Blood Bowls past, then the Lizardmen might be for you. It’s fun to swarm down the field with a pack of Skinks surrounding the ball while the Saurus’ and Kroxigor do the heavy bashing on the line. It’s an interesting combination of squishy speed with sluggish brute force that takes time to master, but is well worth it once you do. Also, the excellent character designs and funny animations make the Lizardmen a real treat to play with.



The Skinny

perso_orcsOrcs, like Humans, are another skilled and balance race who can excel at many facets of the game. However, Orcs teams tend to lean towards defense more than other races thanks to their powerful Black Orc blockers, sturdy Linemen, and effective Blitzers.

Orcs are also good in a brawl thanks to high AV for most of their players and a near unkillable Troll big man. Its best for Orcs to win a battle of attrition because they lack the speed and catching skills needed for explosive passing offenses. Also, Goblins are unimpressive as either  runners or catchers until they level up and gain some speed or agility.


Why Play?

If you want a team that’s rough and tough like the Dwarves or Chaos, but also has a chance to score more than one TD per game, then the Orcs are for you. One huge plus for Orc teams is that they can have a whopping 15 non-linemen players on their roster, more than any other race. This gives them the ability to field very powerful teams, especially once some of their skilled players are leveled up.



The Skinny

perso_skavenSkaven teams are all about speed and running the ball. Storm Vermin and Gutter Runners are the heart of any Skaven team, and keeping those players healthy and scampering around the pitch is top priority.

The Rat Ogre is an effective big-man, but Skaven teams don’t have the AV to brawl effectively. The passing game is an option thanks to Skaven Throwers, but it’s more effective with leveled up players who have some catching skills. Finally, Skaven have access to Chaos Mutations as they level up. This gives Skaven teams an unpredictability to their roster as the team improves that can be hard to counter.


Why Play?

Skaven are funky, dirty, quirky rodents who can run like the dickens. Their linemen are cheap and replaceable and their Storm Vermin blitzers along with a Rat Ogre gives them a good enough front line to allow the Gutter Runners to score in bunches. Also, their access to Chaos Mutations can quickly turn expendable players into cornerstones of your team. If you like being the plucky underdog and playing a fast and chaotic style, then Skaven are for you!


Wood Elves‎

The Skinny

woodWood Elves are the second pre-order/DLC race to be introduced into Blood Bowl II and, like the Lizardmen, they are an interesting mix of players and skills that are at once familiar and strange.

Wood Elves are similar to High Elves, in that they are primarily passing teams, but they differ in a few key areas. First and foremost among the Wood Elves are the Wardancers, which are a fast, expensive, and lightly armored kind of blitzers. Their combination of speed and agility along with Blocking and Dodging skills make them excellent two-way players. Wood Elf Catchers are the next best players on the team, and dangerous deep threats, but their lack of strength and armor make them easy targets for enemy players. Strength and armor are a liability for all the Wood Elf players, except for one curious addition, the Treemen. Treemen give Wood Elf teams some hope of keeping their front lines intact against stronger teams, but their near complete immobility makes them a liability in many situations.


Why Play?

If you like playing a fast and wide open style with plenty of passing and skill, then the Wood Elves are for you! More challenging to play with than other Elves, winning with Wood Elves will truly test your skills as a coach.


18 Jun

E3 2015 Microsoft

E3 2015 Day 2

My thoughts on video game press conferences in general is that they’re a big waste of my time. Not that they’re a waste of everyone’s time, because clearly they create buzz and excitement, but watching developers and executives awkwardly introduce their games is not how I want to spend my time.

That being said, I did watch the guys from Kinda Funny do their pre and post conference livestreams all day on Sunday and Monday, so I must have some interest in these press conferences.

Anyway, I’ve watched and read all that I need to know, and so I’m separating the announcements from each publisher into three categories based on how much they matter to me. Your results may vary.

Major Announcements: Things that I care about or that I feel are important to gaming as a hobby.

Minor Announcements: Things that I may be interested in, but don’t have any deep feelings about, or things that might be interesting to a large segment of gamers who are not me.

Inconsequential Announcements: Things that have no interest to me and will probably only interest a small subset of gamers.


The XBOX One was in desperate need for games to play, and Microsoft delivered its player base a welcome influx of games to look forward to in the very near future. Big games. Small games. New games. Old games. The XBONE now has them all.

360 compatibility was a big step that instantly adds games to the XBONE library. Even if it only allows people to port over their XBLA games and a few select others, it’s still a big move for Microsoft and their player base.

This was exactly the press conference Microsoft needed, at exactly the right time; before the holiday shopping season.

  • Major Announcements

Microsoft kicked off its E3 with a confident and varied showing, mixing blockbuster reveals and a slew of independent games. There was new gameplay footage of Halo 5: Guardians as 343 Studios look to expand the universe. Impressive four-player co-op and splendid sci-fi visuals were the order of the day.

Microsoft announced Gears of War 4 for the Xbox One; due out ‘holiday 2016’.

Gears 4 is also the first game in the series developed by The Coalition (formerly Black Tusk Studios) after initial creators Epic Games sold the rights to Microsoft.

The footage I saw showed a pair of CoG soldiers running from a raging storm as the environment crumbled around them. The chainsaw bayonet and other Gears staples were showed off, as was a mysterious new enemy. Is it the return of the Locusts, or something worse?

Microsoft also announced that there will be a remastered version of the first Gears of War. Gears of War Ultimate Edition will have 1080p and 60fps gameplay, and a beta for the multiplayer.

I’m not much of a Forza fan, but it is a big game with a large fan base. Beautiful cars zipping around scenic tracks with all the power the XBOX ONE can muster will be coming your way December 15th 2015.

“Rise of the Tomb Raider” will be released for the Xbox One this holiday season. The cinematic shown at E3 was well directed, featured bears, bows, and jumping off cliffs, and portrayed Lara Croft’s tomb raiding as a coping mechanism for the mental trauma she endured in the last game. Interesting stuff.

Gameplay footage showed that Lara is still more survivor than badass action hero, but it does build a nice character arc for her. The developers have taken a cinematic approach to this series by introducing Lara as a novice, accidental, tomb raider the first game. Then making her more capable and determined to find her true self in the sequel. Hopefully, a probable third game is where she’ll adopt the gun-toting badassery she’s known for.
As far as reboots go, the new Tomb Raider series may be the best ever when all is said and done.

  • Minor Announcements

There was a look at ReCore, an action-adventure video game designed by Keiji Inafune and Armature Studio. The game will be released exclusively for Xbox One in the second quarter of 2016.

The cinematic for this game was about a girl and her robot dog. It appears that “ReCore” refers to the memory core of the robots in this world, which can be swapped into new hardware as a form of upgrading or repairing your robot pal.

Xbox focussed heavily on its ID@Xbox program for independent developers, with showings for several games from smaller studios and Indie developers.

Side-scrolling platformer, Cuphead, was the indie game that caught my eye due to its amazing 1930s cartoon art style. The developer’s appreciation and dedication to that style is heartwarming, even if the game is about making a deal with the devil.

Xbox One backward compatibility is rolling out  this year for a select list of games. Mass Effect is the only game on the limited roster that I’m interested in, but hopefully the list will grow over time.

360 discs do not play natively but trigger a download of a compatible file, while downloadable titles appear automatically.

  • Inconsequential Announcements

There was a new Rare game announced, an open-world pirate adventure named Sea of Thieves. It looked a bit too kid-friendly for my tastes, but if I had a younger child who played games then this looks like a good one. Reminded me of World of Warcraft in terms of visual style and mechanics. Also, it’s an MMO.

Collection of 30 classic games from Rare studio. I love the idea of retro games being re-released on new consoles, but there isn’t much here that I’m personally excited about. Battletoads and Perfect Dark are probably the biggest names on this list.

A new ‘Elite wireless’ controller was unveiled and it’s cool, but I already have two controllers that seem to work just fine. Maybe when one breaks I’ll consider going ‘elite.’

Microsoft used Minecraft to demo its augmented reality headset, Hololens. Minecraft really is the perfect game for VR because of its low-fi graphics and first-person immersion, but I still don’t care and I definitely don’t want any kind of headset to play games with.

17 Jun

E3 2015 Bethesda

E3 2015 Day 1

My thoughts on video game press conferences in general is that they’re a big waste of my time. Not that they’re a waste of everyone’s time, because clearly they create buzz and excitement, but watching developers and executives awkwardly introduce their games is not how I want to spend my time.

That being said, I did watch the guys from Kinda Funny do their pre and post conference livestreams all day on Sunday and Monday, so I must have some interest in these press conferences.

Anyway, I’ve watched and read all that I need to know, and so I’m separating the announcements from each publisher into three categories based on how much they matter to me. Your results may vary.

Major Announcements: Things that I care about or that I feel are important to gaming as a hobby.

Minor Announcements: Things that I may be interested in, but don’t have any deep feelings about, or things that might be interesting to a large segment of gamers who are not me.

Inconsequential Announcements: Things that have no interest to me and will probably only interest a small subset of gamers.


Bethesda’s first ever E3 press conference was a success due to one of the biggest and most anticipated announcements of the year, Fallout 4. Sure they had a couple of other announcements that might get some people excited, like Doom & Dishonored 2, but for the most part it was all about Fallout.

  • Major Announcements

The rebooted Fallout series was one of the breakout hits on the last generation of consoles and the announcement of a new entry will give many next gen RPG players something to look forward to once they’ve tired of Witcher 3.

I grew a bit tired of Fallout after playing all of Fallout 3, twice, and all of the DLC, twice. I grew so tired that I never did open my copy of New Vegas. However, this announcement has rekindled my interest in guiding a hopeful young vault-dweller out into the wastelands for a whole new adventure.

The addition of crafting is exciting because one of the disappointments I had in Fallout 3 was my inability to have a large impact on the world, except during story missions. I also like crafting as a solution to the junk problem that Fallout games always suffer from. The junk is neat, and shows the remnants of a destroyed world, but collecting it just to sell it for pennies (caps) was always annoying.

Overall, this is probably the biggest single game announcement of the entire conference, and it happened on day one.

We saw some Doom. Doom is back and it’s Doom-like, but my enthusiasm is not high. I played Doom back in the day when it was revolutionary, but ever since that day the entire genre has been racing ahead of this franchise to prove how much better every game is than Doom.

Shooters now have stories, and physics, and characters, and realistic guns (oh, the guns!), and they have advanced further in terms of technical achievements than any other genre. So, going back to a Doom-style Doom game seems a bit regressive.

Maybe that’s the point though. Maybe we’ve reached a point in video games where the arrow-straight and constant march of progress is bending into the more cyclical shape shared by other mediums. Where things that were old and passe suddenly become retro and hip after a generation has passed.

Today we see strategy games returning to their turn-based roots. We see the return of platformers and side-scrollers that seem directly descended from games of the late 80’s and early 90’s. So why can’t shooters go back to their run & gun origins? Doom is the perfect shooter to jump on this retro gaming bandwagon. I just hope it fares better than the ill-fated Duke Nukem.

Also, there will be level creation and modding support.

  • Minor Announcements

Dishonored was not a game I played in 2012. I thought about playing it. I had it on my Amazon wish list. I never could pull the trigger on buying it, though, and I’m not entirely sure why. It looked like an interesting game set in an interesting world, but the gameplay just didn’t hook me. I’ve just never been a huge fan of the sneaky-sneaky, murder-murder, type games. I had enough of that playing Splinter Cell.

I know you could go through missions without murdering people if you tried hard enough, but it still doesn’t interest me enough to get real excited for a sequel. The footage they showed at the press conference honestly looked like more of the same, just now with demon limb powers and land mines. I guess that’s cool, but still not enough for me.

The original game is on sale right now on Steam, so maybe I’ll give it a try. Maybe.

Also, you’ll be able to switch between playing as two characters, original Dishonored protagonist Corvo Attano and his ward Emily Kaldwin. So, that’s kinda neat.

  • Inconsequential Announcements

The Elder Scrolls Legends will most likely be Bethesda’s take on Hearthstone. The free-to-play strategy card game is coming to PC and iPad at some point this year.

Fallout Shelter is essentially just advertising for Fallout 4.

23 Oct

TtD Update 10-23-2014

Troll the Dice

Troll the Dice



5e Basic Campaign:
The Basic adventures of 5th edition D&D continues this week with the latest podcast release from Troll the Dice.

We’re playing the adventure from the new D&D Basic Set and so far we’ve poorly escorted a wagon full of supplies into a Goblin trap. Then, while we were out looking for friends of ours who may have been taken prisoner, the rogue in our party took off with the wagon full of supplies and hasn’t been seen from again.

Meanwhile, we found a Goblin lair and began investigating. We found some wolves chained up at the entrance to the lair, but nothing else of interest.

In this current episode we move a little deeper into the Goblin lair and run into a little bit of trouble.

We’re using the pre-generated characters from the box set, but we’ve given them new names and, of course, a heavy dose of Trolling.

(Bryter) Dungeon Master. Master of dungeons.
(Hightower) Chazaster “Chas”Anariatel. Wizard and acolyte of Augma who is on a mission.
(Kormus) Peter Gryppe. The Human Archer who is out to prove his worth as a hero.
(Shag) James A.Q. Kingston. A Human nobleman fighter who is trying to reclaim his family lands & titles.
(Will) Cricket. The Halfling Rogue who needs money.
(Zebu) Thorradin “Sarge” Blackrock. A Dwarf Cleric/Sergeant in a mercenary company, on leave for personal reasons.

27 Sep

TtD Update – 09-26-2014

Troll the Dice

Troll the Dice



3.5e Carnival Campaign:
Like any good D&D campaign, our Troll The Dice 3.5 “Carnival” campaign has been abandoned and will most likely never be finished. That’s ok. If you’ve played D&D for any length of time you get used to never finishing a campaign.

We have at least one more session recorded, but I’m not sure if it’s ever going to be released. Tweet @trollthedice if you can’t live without these last 3.5 Carnival Campaign sessions.

When last we left the Carnival Crew they were “planning” to rob a noblewoman with a bad reputation. We may never know how it turns out, but let’s just say there were many things that could have gone wrong.

So, say goodbye to D&D 3.5 and hello to 5th Edition.

Goodbye Carnival Crew. Your mayhem will be missed.
Red Hammertoe.
Sterling Bandini.
Roscoe Toscobble.

23 Sep

D&D 5e Starter Set




D&D 5th Edition Starter Set:

It’s been about twenty years since I’ve owned a basic set of any version of D&D, so I was pretty excited to get my hands on this latest version. New dice. New rules. New adventures! Yes, please.

Don’t misunderstand, I’ve played plenty of D&D since I had my copy of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set back in the 80’s, but I was ready for this new version for many reasons.

First, was the fact that I didn’t like 4e very much and had reverted back to playing 3.5e with the boys at Troll the Dice. We were having fun, but there were rumblings of dissent even in our merry little band in terms of which D&D we should be playing.

D&D3.5? 4th edition? Pathfinder? Which was best? Which should we be playing? I imagine this conundrum was being played out by the whole of D&D-dom, and it was tearing at the player base. Slowly fracturing us into tribes of version trolls.

That split amongst the players was another reason to want a new and unifying version of the game we all loved.

However, the main reason I was  excited for the latest version was the all-inclusive design strategy implemented by the creators at Wizards of the Coast. They asked players what they wanted and then delivered dozens of iterations of the game for players to test and provide feedback. I was one of the “beta testers” during this open-to-anyone effort and I could see the game coming together right before my eyes because I was a part of the process.

This stroke of simple genius on the part of WotC to include a wide swath of players in the development of the new edition produced not only a fine product, but implicit support of the new version by the players who had a hand in its creation.

5e Starter Set Thoughts:

Now to the actual product! I got mine through Amazon, a few days after launch day, and I was not disappointed.


The box is good and sturdy with nice cover art, something that will last a long time in my game cabinet.

The box included a rulebook, an adventure book, a set of dice and several pre-generated character sheets.

I decided to use these new dice as my main set of dice and supplemented them with the ones I still had from the 1984 AD&D set. I’m nostalgic like that.



5e Starter Set Rulebook:

The basic rules included in the starter set are just that, basic. However, they do a good job of introducing the game to new players and veterans alike. The rules are brief. Chapter 1 covers the basics, by chapter 2 you’re in combat, by chapter 3 you’re adventuring, and the final chapter covers magic. That’s it. Four quick chapters and you’re ready to play D&D 5e.


The brevity of the rules comes from the sacrifice of anything about character creation, DMing, or monsters.

Everything about running an adventure is pushed over to the adventure module

There’s nothing about creating characters in the basic rules so you have to rely on the pre-generated ones included.

2 Human fighters, Elf Wizard, Dwarf Cleric, & Halfling Rogue.



5e Starter Set Adventure: Lost Mine of Phandelver

We played two sessions of the included adventure with a novice DM and it went very smoothly. The adventure itself is a pretty basic scenario that sends the adventurers to a place so they can do some quests and end up in a classic dungeon/castle crawl. The text and layout are clean and clear and the maps and artwork is bright and well-done. There are clearly marked bits of flavor text to help guide the adventure and suggestions for beginner DM’s.


The characters are well thought out and have back stories that tie in with the adventure very well.

The character sheets have sections describing level advancement up to level 5.

New players will get a lot of value in the box for $20.

Veteran players might want to wait and get the free pdf.




5e Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Starter Set is a nice place to start for the new edition of D&D, but if you’re a veteran player it will seem very limiting due to the lack of character creation and DM information.

The main thing this set accomplishes is to highlight the real promise of what’s to come in D&D 5e. That promise includes a tighter and more streamlined system that keeps the best parts of previous versions and combines them into a set of rules that allows play to flow without sacrificing good game mechanics. There’s also a new emphasis on role-play that’s strongly hinted at in both in the adventure module and the pre-generated characters that should really be the heart of D&D5e when all is said and done.

We won’t see the promise of this new system fully realized until the end of the year when all the books are released, but, the starter set lays a solid foundation of what’s to come.