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zebu3Zebu Nation is a conglomeration of all my writings and opinions that are fit for public consumption.

I usually focus on history, current events, and pop culture with a lot of attention on movies, TV, and comic books .

Though this is a nation of one, there is room for aggressive expansion. So, I hope you enjoy your stay and maybe apply for citizenship one day.


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A real-play podcast of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective by Ystari Games, using a set of custom rules to facilitate role-playing.


My show notes for the Read a Comic podcast are posted every Monday after the podcast is made available on readacomic.com.



Every Wednesday I post my comic book pull list for the week.




Every Friday I post my rants and reviews of recent graphic novels and trade paperbacks. •BEWARE SPOILERS AND TIRADES!




Troll the Dice

Troll the Dice

Twice a month I’ll post updates relating to everyone’s favorite D&D podcast, Troll the Dice. Character biographies, adventure updates, basically anything relevant to the latest episode posted on www.trollthedice.com. No spoilers!




I’ll review each new D&D product launch and give you all my thoughts & opinions. Heed my words!